The Avignonian Carnival: the January Term at Ming Hua Theological College Edition

I told you this Carnival would be different and boy isn’t it!   I was invited to lecture at Ming Hua Theological College in Hong Kong for their J-Term, which also happened to kick off the 70th anniversary of the school.  Here’s the advert from the school:

Who is Jim West? What? 4 Jesuses?

12507604_1209646945729664_3737683566197350468_nDr. James E. West joined the faculty of Ming Hua in the Autumn term of 2015 as lecturer in Biblical and Reformation Studies. He is also a Professor of Biblical Studies at the Quartz Hill School of Theology, as well as Pastor of Petros Baptist Church in Petros, Tennessee. Jim is widely recognised as a learned academic who has authored numerous books and made countless contributions to biblical dictionaries and encyclopaedias, Christian magazines, and authored many book reviews. He is currently finalising his huge project The Person in the Pew Commentary Series, which is a series of commentaries for the whole Bible.

Jim has taught our students at Ming Hua via the Global Classroom last semester. We can’t wait to meet him in person when he will begin the Ming Hua 70th anniversary J-term free lecture series. Jim will take us on a quick tour of the Bible through “The World of the Bible” talk series, and then zoom in on what the Gospels say about Jesus through “Four Gospels: Four Jesuses?”

So mark your diary, see you next week.

12507322_1209646999062992_5494985806804871313_nEnquiry: 2536 7516 Nicolle
Venue:HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College
Please visit our our website for more details:

I lectured on a variety of topics- from the World of the OT to the World of the NT to the Reformation in Switzerland.  I also led a day long seminar on integrating biblical scholarship with practical ministry and preaching.  The core of the lectureship was, though, an examination of the Four Gospels and the Four Jesuses we find in those sources.

So- that’s why I was in Hong Kong.  Here are some of the people and sights from the lecture series.  I’m grateful to Gareth Jones for the invitation and the very fine students, faculty, and staff at this brilliant institution for their amazing hospitality and attentiveness.

If you wish to see the official carnival- here it is.

The next Carnival is something I’m calling a “Carnival of Errors”.  It will feature not the best of biblical studies blogposts but the worst, the most egregiously inaccurate, the most dilettantish.  If you see something like that, let me know.

You’ll enjoy it because not only will it link to rubbish; it will feature commentary throughout by yours truly.

Pray the Heavenly Father a post of yours not appear.

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  1. So, even in/from Avignon travel takes it out of you? Looking forward to the carnival of errors. I can’t make up my mind whether to make a post to nominate or not 😉


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