Guns Don’t Kill People, Nutjobs Mad About A $25 Charge With Guns Do

A father and son were killed in a shootout with another man and his son at a gun store Saturday in Pearl River County’s Henleyfield community. Pearl River County deputies responding to the shooting on Mississippi 43 about 3:15 p.m. found the store owner and his son dead in the store, Chief Deputy Shane Tucker said.

The owner’s wife was working at the store when two customers, a man and his son, entered to pick up a firearm that had been repaired. “There was some contention about a $25 fee,” Tucker said. In an attempt to clear up the dispute, the woman called her husband, who later arrived with his son. An argument ensued between the owners and the customers. “During this argument, we believe there might have been some pushing and shoving,” Tucker said. “One of the customers and one of the owners produced firearms. We don’t know who shot first.”

Because killing for $25 or dying for $25 makes sense to everyone… except people who will not.

I suppose when all the Darwin Award contestants in our country kill each other off then the gene pool will be better off…