1 Kings: For the Person in the Pew (A Review)

To which I replied

Thanks for your considered and considerate review. I appreciate that you (and everyone else probably) would do a few things differently and that’s perfectly fine of course.

Regarding the p. 117 issue- you’re overlooking the fact that the Elisha cycle duplicates the miracles of Elijah for various reasons. That point is made in 2 Kings. The death-raising of Elijah is storified in Elisha, so there was, in fact, just one such ‘resurrection’.

Nonetheless, thanks!

W.onderful W.orld of W.adholms

Jim West Photo courtesy of Joel Watts and Facebook. 🙂

Jim West (ThD; Professor of Biblical Studies at the Quartz Hill School of Theology) has written an easily read commentary on the entirety of the Old Testament of which I have reviewed his commentary on 1 Kings. West has proven himself to be a capable scholar of the ancient Near East, but more importantly of the texts of Scripture and as a preacher of said texts. He has written extensively on Scripture (including this commentary series covering the entirety of the Bible) and is perhaps one of the foremost and most prolific of bibliobloggers today. West shows considerable concern for the average church goer in his writing of this commentary both in the use of language, brevity and pastoral injunctions.


West here offers some of the most concise and on-point comments of any commentary I’ve read on 1 Kings. He writes with…

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