Things Are Not Rosy at Logos

I hope they can work things out and hire back those let go.

A major downtown company has announced it is laying off around 60 employees as it adjusts to changes in its market.

Faithlife Corp. made the announcement on Tuesday, Jan. 5. CEO Bob Pritchett said in a statement that the company has been producing its core product — Bible software called Logos — for more than 20 years and has seen a lot of growth. As that category matures, they’ve seen changes in the rate of growth, and it’s impacted the business model. According to Pritchett, the company was overstaffed for the future and needed to make an adjustment.

Pritchett said in an email to employees that this was the only round of layoffs and that the company is on firm financial footing.  “We carefully assessed what needed to be done, and planned to do it once and to be done,” Pritchett said in the company email.  The staff cuts are spread through the organization, Pritchett said. The current reduction puts the Faithlife workforce at around 320.

Very sad.