European Racism

Reports of widespread groping by brown skinned foreign men in Cologne, Germany over New Years Eve are being discussed in Britain and elsewhere in Europe.

It’s clear to anyone with an eye that these reports are motivated not by a concern for groped young women but by race baiting fearmongers who want Syrians and other immigrants and refugees demonized so that they’re easier to mistreat and deport.

Frankly, had a group of women been groped by white frat boys at some University get together on New Years Eve and complained to the police about it, much sniggering and mockery would have commenced.

Indeed, I’d wager that groping aplenty went on at lots of locations but only the brown folk are being singled out for it.

Europe likes to pretend that its superior to the good old USA, more enlightened, more urbane.  But it has its own hickish backwater rednecks too.  They just don’t get the press they deserve because they are the press.