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If You’re in Hong Kong, Or Anywhere in China…

You’ll want to attend this series of lectures.  I hear the guy with the not so great hair cut but nice suit is pretty good and the woman is spectacular:


When The Reality of Sin is Forgotten…

A false gospel results.  Where there’s no bad news, there’s no good news.  An unnecessary gospel is a false gospel and a gospel that saves someone from nothing is not gospel at all.

Family is the Ba’al Modern America Worships

Take note: when Christmas rolls around next year and it falls on Sunday, there will be a number of Churches which cancel their services so that, purportedly, ‘people can spend time with their families’.

Because family is the Ba’al modern America worships.  It’s the Ba’al most likely to replace God on any given day, year round.

Why is Christian Commitment So Short Lived?

Luther puts his finger on it in his sermon on John 1:5, where he writes

We see before our very eyes that the world cannot endure light. Or if the world does actually tolerate it for a while and gives ear to the Word, this lasts about as long as it takes to stroll to High Mass.  Then the world casts the Word aside again and quickly becomes sated. When it constantly hears this one theme, faith in Christ, dinned into its ears, it thinks to itself: “After all, what is faith?”

But let some schismatic spirit come along with a novel doctrine, which is not light but sheer human fabrication and darkness, the world is ready to rally around it. Birds of a feather flock together.

The world likes to be wheedled and cajoled; it acts gentle and grunts with pleasure, like a sow when you scratch her ears. And then it turns its ears from the truth and toward fables (2 Tim. 4:4). But the light dazzles their eyes. This they do not want to permit.

Christian commitment is so short lived because so many Christians are more citizens of this world than of God’s Kingdom.  So, after a short time, the light becomes intolerable to them.

Dante Speaks


Oxford Should Expel Ntokozo Qwabe

The law graduate behind a controversial campaign to remove a statue of British colonialist Cecil Rhodes from Oxford University’s Oriel College has turned his attention to the French flag, saying he’d support its ban on all university campuses. Ntokozo Qwabe, co-founder of Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford, says France has committed acts of terror and refused to concede that Isis is worse than the French state.

He needs expelled.  Period.  He’s not at Oxford to learn, he’s there to use it as his own personal theater.  There are deserving young people who would value an education who should have his slot.  He needs expelled, and deported.



Pray for Texas, and Yorkshire

They’ve had a couple of tough days weather-wise.