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I’m Getting a Puppy For Christmas!

Here’s the presh

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Bolsec’s Banishment: A Well Deserved Though Insufficient Punishment

The Genevese council found it necessary to pronounce sentence of banishment upon Bolsec, December 23, 1551, because he had obstinately resisted the judgment of the church, to which he had promised to submit. He disagreed with the Church on the … Continue reading

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The State of The Union…

Is depraved. A trio of thugs robbed a 10-year-old boy at gunpoint in Carroll Gardens, swiping a measly $3 in the late afternoon theft, cops said Wednesday.  The youngster was on the northeast corner of Henry Street and 4th Place … Continue reading

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Joel Osteen’s Popularity Explained

It’s simple to understand the popularity of Joel Osteen.  He offers people a version (however distorted and untrue) of Christianity that they prefer to the biblical version.  Biblical Christianity involves the Cross- and Osteen’s version ignores it.  Biblical Christianity involves … Continue reading

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A Digital Map of the Roman Empire

This is awesome.  Adding it to the list of Useful Sites.

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Frank Jehle: Von Johannes auf Patmos bis zu Karl Barth

Frank Jehle: Von Johannes auf Patmos bis zu Karl Barth  – Anlässlich des 75. Geburtstags von Frank Jehle haben Adrian Schenker und Marianne Jehle-Wildberger bereits publizierte, aber auch bisher unveröffentlichte Artikel und Vorträge aus den letzten zwanzig Jahren zusammengetragen und thematisch … Continue reading

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‘Festivus’ is a Pest-ivus

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Top Ten Jim West Blog Posts in 2015

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
Jim West says he is going to mock every “top ten list” inevitably appearing on every blog this next week. Mock this. If You Aren’t Following Phil Long on the Twitter, You Should Be I…

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Calvin Was Long Dead, So You Can’t Blame Him…

Antitrinitarians: Not Welcome Here-

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Goliath’s Legacy: Philistines and Hebrews in Biblical Times

It’s a very good book.  And I’m glad it’s out in English where it can have a wider readership as it justly deserves. It’s the book of the week. I’ve known the author a good long time and he’s a … Continue reading

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W.G. Kümmel Sends A Postcard and Discusses R.K. Bultmann

Michael Lattke has it posted online here.  Nifty.

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Biblical Scholars Finishing Up Their Christmas Shopping

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Born on this Day: The Man Who Deciphered the Rosetta Stone and Unlocked Hieroglyphics

The BM has a great essay on the French scholar Jean-François Champollion.  They’ve also got a pretty cool video on the Rosetta stone:

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Irving Finkel: A Curator at the BM

I liked this video and think you will too. Fun stuff and very clever.

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The Logos Free Book For Advent Today

Is this one

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Luther and English Hymns

Lutheran Satire is at it again-

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