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More J-Term Fun at Ming Hua


Kids and Guns: An Observation

Have you ever noticed that people hide their money so kids can’t find it but not their guns? 

Look Who’s on the Twitter…

This is How Christians Should Act When Muslims are Attacked

A group of Muslims protected Christian passengers when suspected Islamic extremists ambushed a bus in Kenya, according to eyewitness accounts. The attackers ordered people off the vehicle in Mandera before telling them to split into groups of Muslims and non-Muslims. The Muslims refused their demands – daring the alleged extermists to kill them too, according to the Daily Nation newspaper.

“The Muslims stood with the Christians and dared the attackers to kill them all or leave,” Mandera Governor Ali Roba told Anadolu Agency. “This forced the miliants to leave in a hurry fearing retaliation by residents from nearby villiages.

This is how Christians should act when Muslims are attacked, degraded, or insulted in public or when their houses of worship are threatened.  Anything else is anti-Christian.

The Afterlife of Biblical Texts

Public Lecture by Prof. James Kugel on The Afterlife of Biblical Texts, 27 Jan 2016 5pm – ALL WELCOME, registration with h.ingram@bham.ac.uk


With thanks to Charlotte Hempel for the tip.

Discipleship: An Observation

Where there is no discipleship, there is no Christian faith.  Jesus commands us to make disciples, not sentimentalists and James insists that workless faith is no living faith.

Reformed Summer School

At Emden- and you can visit the conference program here.  Looks fun.

New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land (Volumes 1-4)

9780132762885oAmong the several volumes which Bobby K. sent with me from SBL in Atlanta were the four volumes of this encyclopedia.

It is – in my opinion – perfectly suited for students of the Bible and its people, places, and things.  It is a voluminously illustrated work and readers will find in it virtually everything known to this date about sites and artifacts.

For example- if you are interested in Bethlehem (it is that time of year after all) then you merely need to flip in volume one to page 203 and there you’ll begin a virtual expedition into the history of the locale which includes a description of its prehistorical period, its history and identification, the Church of the Nativity, the Constantinian Church, and the Justinian Church- all authored by Michael Avi-Yonah and illuminated with photos and drawings which do not conclude until page 208.  Then the story of the city continues from the Byzantine to the Crusader period and on to the Mameluke and Ottoman periods.  At the end of the completed entry (on page 210) a bibliography is provided.

It is a genuinely useful set and I would imagine that it would happily find a place on the shelves of Pastors and Bible Teachers along with Seminary Students and interested laity.  The entries are written in a congenial style and the language is easily comprehensible to the generally educated.

That, at any rate, is how I view it.

They Hypocritical Oxford Student and Millennial Greed

A South African student at Oxford wants a statue of a man removed from the Campus because of that man’s past.  Hypocritically, said student has had no problems at all taking money from a fund set up by that very same man.

Ntokozo Qwabe has been accused of “disgraceful hypocrisy” over the weekend because he has been funded by the scholarship set up by the man whose statue he wants removed. The South African student has been aggressively campaigning to remove the Rhodes statue at Oriel College because of the politician’s controversial views on other races.

Mr Qwabe and members of the Rhodes Must Fall movement have said that paying homage to the British imperialist is at odds with the university’s “inclusive culture”. However, since Mr Qwabe is also a recipient of the scholarship, which last year spent £8 million on 89 scholars, some have called for him to hand the money back.

Isn’t it funny how people have all manner of objections to things with their mouths but their hands are always happily out to get whatever they can from the very people they pretend to despise.

Commentators have been very blunt:

“Your hypocrisy is breathtaking. It would appear that you weren’t too principled when offered a Rhodes scholarship. If you object so much to this nation’s lack of political correctness, the answer is in your hands. I wasn’t lucky enough to go to university and I take your narrow minded attitude as a slap in the face to the freedoms we fought world wars to keep.”

And this one on facebook is the best-

***Historical Grievance Alert*** Beware, if he doesn’t get his degree, it will be Rhodes fault, or the statues, or colonialism’s. Or mine or yours for clearly oppressing him.

Quote of the Day

Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ. -St Jerome

What Can You Get the Person in Your Life Who Needs Instruction in Righteousness?

This. Free.


A New (To Me) Portrait of Luther and Spalatin

From the Saxons-

Today’s Free Book for Advent from Logos

Looks interesting