What Is It About The Church and Its Nature That they Don’t Understand?

This sort of thing is inexcusable and illuminates the need for theologically learned pastors who educate their congregations theologically. Business majors or journalism majors or whatever are simply not fit for the pastoral office. The pastorate requires theologians. Period.

Several members of Mount Olive Baptist Church upset with their pastor tonight. Members tell us their pastor was voted out of their church back in May. However, the pastor says it wasn’t an official vote. When most churches are coming together for the holidays, there seems to be a clear divide at Mount Olive Baptist every Sunday. “Chaos, one word chaos,” said Thoetis Robinson Jr.”

Several members of the church tell us a vote was held in May in accordance with their constitution only needing twelve signatures to have a meeting to discontinue the service of their Pastor Rev. Dr. Valentino McNeal. Theotis Robinson Junior, a 23 year member of the church says the results were an 86-5 vote. “When he gets up to preach, we take to the choir stand and start singing hymns and it’s escalated to where it is now where every Sunday the police are called,” said Robinson. Along with other issues Robinson says accountability of funds for the church is a huge problem.

Have You Ever Noticed…

That people will stand behind any jock who commits any crime but if a cleric or politician makes the smallest error they are totally abandoned.

This means people are either willing to completely overlook moral failings in jocks or that they expect so little of them they have no delusions that they will behave morally in the first place.

Either way, it says a great deal about our view of athletes.

Calvin on Hebrews 10:25 – The Church Skippers

Extremely needed, therefore, by us all is the admonition to be stimulated to love and not to envy, and not to separate from those whom God has joined to us, but to embrace with brotherly kindness all those who are united to us in faith.

And surely it behoves us the more earnestly to cultivate unity, as the more eagerly watchful Satan is, either to tear us by any means from the Church, or stealthily to seduce us from it. And such would be the happy effect, were no one to please himself too much, and were all of us to preserve this one object, mutually to provoke one another to love, and to allow no emulation among ourselves, but that of doing good works.

For doubtless the contempt of the brethren, moroseness, envy, immoderate estimate of ourselves, and other sinful impulses, clearly shew that our love is either very cold, or does not at all exist.

Research Scam and the Scammers Who Scammed

In an unprecedented crackdown on academic misconduct, as many as 179 university professors from some 110 universities in South Korea were indicted on Monday after an extensive criminal investigation into a huge copyright scam.

The professors have been charged with republishing existing textbooks written by others under their own names by modifying the covers with the alleged connivance of the publishing companies.

According to the Prosecutors’ Office which conducted an extensive criminal investigation, this is the first time university professors have faced criminal charges for copyright violations using ‘cover-swapping’ tricks. It is also the first time so many professors have been indicted in a single investigation.

The unprecedented scale of violations has severely shaken the academic community and could have wider repercussions on public trust in academia, validity of research, and the global ranking of South Korean universities.


Quote of the Day

When it comes to the Word and works of God…

Human Reason is offended, who although she is blind, deaf, stupid, impious, and sacrilegious with regard to all the words and works of God, is [believed to be] a judge of the words and works of God. — Martin Luther

People can be pretty stupid.

Katie Luther’s Death

December 20, 1552: Katie Luther dies in the city of Torgau, Germany, just one month shy of her 54th birthday.

Life after the death of Martin had not been easy for Katie. Friends claiming to look out for her family tried to take her sons away from her. Wars and the plague had made her flee from her home at the Black Cloister more than once. Soldiers had destroyed the crops and buildings on her farm and butchered livestock. But through all of this she persevered by rebuilding, and continuing to take in University students who needed room and board.

In the summer of 1552, the plague was making its way through Wittenberg. Katie determined to stay in the Black Cloister as long as possible. Finally, in September, the plague came to her house. Hans was at school in Königsberg and Martin may have been studying in Wittenberg. Katie boarded a carriage with Paul and Margaretha and headed out. Along the way, something startled the horses and they shied. Katie attempted to jump from the carriage to settle the horses and thereby protect her children. Jumping from a wildly moving carriage is not easy and she fell, landing hard and ending up in a ditch full of water.

Paul and Margaretha managed to get their mother to Torgau. The fall and any injuries she received from it, along with shock and the chill of the cold water, lead to paralysis. Katie lay in bed for three months with Margaretha attending her. Paul brought her happy news when he announced his marriage to Anna von Warbeck.

In her last days, Katie frequently entrusted her children to God’s care and the faith her husband had fought so hard for. Finally, the injuries and accompanying illness became too much and Katie died. Legend claims that as she lay dying, she was asked about her faith. She replied that she want to “cling to Christ as a burr to a dress”. It is most likely that Katie never said these words, but whether she actually spoke these words or not is unclear but they clearly do express the faith she held to in her life and into her death.

The photo is of the house where Katie died in Torgau and is from kleio.org

-Rebecca DeGarmeaux