Bloggers And Their Christmas Photos

It’s that time of year when the bloggers you know and love get together for family portraits!  Behold…

Quote of the Day

If you won’t stand up for religious liberty for everyone, stop talking about religious liberty. And sure stop raising money off of it. — Russell Moore

A True Christmas Miracle: The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew Will Ship on 31 December, 2015

29300A true Christmas miracle.  A long awaited joy.  A game changer.

The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew is a completely new and innovative dictionary. Unlike previous dictionaries, which have been dictionaries of biblical Hebrew, it is the first dictionary of the classical Hebrew language to cover not only the biblical texts but also Ben Sira, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Hebrew inscriptions.

This dictionary covers the period from the earliest times to 200 CE. It lists and analyses every occurrence of each Hebrew word that occurs in texts of that period, with an English translation of every Hebrew word and phrase cited.

Among its special features:

  • A list of the nonbiblical texts cited (especially the Dead Sea Scrolls)
  • A word frequency index for each letter of the alphabet
  • A substantial bibliography (from vol. 2 onward)
  • An English–Hebrew index in each volume

With Logos Bible Software, you can get even more out of this awesome reference work! Searches in Logos will pull from entries in The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew and all Scripture references within the dictionary link directly to the original language texts and English Bible translations in your library. What’s more, The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew will serve as a vital secondary source for many of the primary texts already in your library—enhancing the value of your entire library.

May I Be Uncharacteristically Blunt?

Mark Driscoll, and anyone else for that matter, who talks about ‘starting a church’ hasn’t started anything but a cult.  The church was ‘started’ by the Holy Spirit and there is no other source for it or its life.  Any other source is by definition demonic.

Furthermore, any Christian theologian who doesn’t immediately reject all such nonsense as claims to ‘starting’ or ‘founding’ a church forfeits their right to be considered a theologian and a Christian.


Banning Abortion in Chile Improved Women’s Health

“Outlaw abortion and abortion won’t stop. Women will just do it illegally and women will die!” Or so the argument goes… But facts are pesky things, and they show that the opposite is true in Chile.

According to new research from the MELISA Institute, since Chile’s ban on abortion, not only has maternal health improved but the number of women seeking illegal abortion has plummeted!

Since Chile banned abortion in 1989, the number of maternal deaths decreased from 41.3 to 12.7 per 100,000 women (69.2% reduction). That puts Chile in second place for the lowest maternal mortality rate in the Americas (that’s right, even better than the United States).

Read the rest.  It’s quite interesting.  Especially as a counter to the oft tooted claims of Planned Parenthood.

Christmas News You Can Really Use, Finally!

2126There’s a Library scented candle you can get for the nerd in your life!  No kidding!!!!   I WANT ONE or a dozen!

Scent and sensibility… Designed to recreate the ‘quiet decadence of a stolen afternoon, lost in the world of a long-forgotten book’, this library-scented candle from the British Library will help your academic friends feel right at home. The aroma has top notes of guaicwood and patchouli, heart notes of cinnamon and clove bud and base notes of cedarwood and moss. Do libraries actually smell that nice? Perhaps not, but we still want this candle (£36.00).

Ok that’s an idiotic price.  Still… come on Santa!


We’re #1 !!!!! At Selling Weapons. Because War = Profit

Oh America.  What’s Christian about this?

Global sales of weapons of war declined for a fourth consecutive year in 2014, with sales by the top 100 arms-manufacturing countries amounting to $401 billion, a decrease of 1.5 percent over 2013, according to a report released Monday.

U.S. companies remained the biggest sellers of weaponry, with 54 percent of the world’s arms sales revenue. The top 10 arms sellers are based in the U.S. and Western Europe.

We’re helping to make the world a more dangerous place.  And then we complain about the world being a more dangerous place.  We arm the world.  And then we complain that our enemies have too many weapons and we need more.

Do you see how this works?  We create the problem and then need money to fix it.  But of course while we’re fixing it, we’re also creating more problems.  We are a nation adrift with no moral center and no god but the dollar.

Don’t believe it?  Then you’re a blind fool.

It’s the 70th Anniversary Year of Bonhoeffer’s Execution

So it’s fitting that we commemorate the event with a passage from Scripture:

What credit is it if, when you are beaten for your faults, you take it patiently? But when you do good and suffer, if you take it patiently, this is commendable before God. (1 Pet. 2:20)

Let those who have ears, hear.

(B. was executed 9 April 1945)

Call For Submissions

Please send along links to any Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament posts on the biblioblogs you happen to see this month.  The Avignonian Carnvial goes live at midnight on 1 January, 2016.

This month is STRICTLY biblical studies stuff.  It’s going to be fun.  Trust me.

Sienna Owens is Dead. She Was 11. She Was Shot to Death by a Classmate

And still we haven’t had enough of our national gun worship yet.

Authorities said Monday a 12-year-old boy is who shot and killed an 11-year-old last Friday in Estill Springs.  The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office told News 2 victim Sienna Owens and the alleged shooter both went to North Middle School.

Keep leaving those guns within easy reach of kids, parents.  You’re doing a super job.

Franklin County Sheriff Tim Fuller said the two were at the boy’s home with four other students inside his family’s garage when the shooting happened. Fuller would not disclose who the gun belonged to, where it was, how the boy got his hands on it, or what kind of weapon it was, but he did say only one shot was fired. It hit Sienna in the back. She was taken to a nearby hospital and later died.

It’s true, you know.  Guns don’t kill people.  Kids who have parents who leave guns loaded in the garage where a 12 year old can get hands on it do.

Today’s ‘Free’ Book From Logos Isn’t

They’ve been having various issues over at Logos for several days now including 404 errors and disappearing Advent discounts.  Today’s book, for instance, is this one-


Looks fun.  Alas, when you add it to your cart here’s what actually shows up:


So there are technical glitches to be aware of.  Take note, if you click on through without paying attention you may find a surprise charge on your card.

Happy Advent!