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Beware Mob Rule


National Geographic Needs to Go Out Of Business

Cancel your subscription and don’t patronize businesses that advertise in it or on the NatGeo and related channels.  It’s time Rupert Murdoch be shown the door.



“I think well of men who are open, who make a thing clear in word and gesture, and who are not liars and hypocrites like John Agricola and Jacob Schenk, who do everything in a friendly and yet deceitful way. The term ‘hypocrite’ is a very strong and emphatic designation, and Christ also employed it. One couldn’t rebuke a person more sharply than by calling him a hypocrite, that is, the worst possible pest.”  — Martin Luther


The one thing millennials lack in great abundance is a proper sense of history and self and their place in the larger world.  It is also why undergrads have the hubris to call senior scholars their ‘colleagues’.  Buffoonery.


Belief in God is Declining in this Country


That’s self evident every Sunday.

Today’s Free Book from Logos…

They seem to be having some technical issues.  If you click on the cover of the book you’re taken to a page not found page.  And if you click ‘add to cart’ you discover that it isn’t free at all – but just north of $17.


Star Wars Makes No Sense

For example