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Karl Barth and the Great Promise


To Show You How Stupid Angry Atheists Are..

They’ve actually spent money to erect this advert!


Buffoons.  Like Church people need any encouragement to skip Church.  Ha.

I’m Ashamed of My Undergrad Alma Mater: Carson-Newman University

A Tennessee university has been granted the right by the federal government to ban students who go against their interpretation of Christianity.

Carson-Newman University President Dr. Randall O’Brien told WVLT that he had filed for a Title IX exemption from the federal government because his attorney recommended it.

The waiver allows the school to ban pregnant students, women who have had an abortion, single mothers, LGBT students and anyone else who does not fit their religious ideology.

During an interview with WVLT, O’Brien struggled to explain why Carson-Newman needed a waiver in the first place.

“This is who we are as a Christian university,” O’Brien opined. “These are our religious principles. And in a changing world, we would like to reaffirm that this is who we are and who we intend to be.”

I have two problems with this:

  1. You can have principles and stand by them without banning people from being in your presence.
  2. Why are they acting against pregnant unwed women but not men?  This is sexist, idiotic, and unjust.  It is unchristian.

I have principles.  And everyone knows what they are.  But everyone also knows (I hope) that I will always refuse to segregate myself from people with whom I differ.  Jesus hung around sinners.  So do I.  So should you.   Telling folk ‘you can’t be here because you disagree with me’ is so evil.  So wrong.

I’m ashamed of my undergrad Alma Mater.

Nyet, Nein, NO!

There’s so much disturbing right here-


I Genuinely Love Karl Barth

After Zwingli, Brunner, and Luther he is my favorite theologian of all time.  4th place is pretty good.

So, then, why do I harass his followers and sycophants?  Because admiring and loving Barth too often become slathering over and idolizing Barth.  Barth would hate that.  Any theologian should hate that.

Any theologian worth their salt says with the Angel of Revelation- ‘don’t worship me, worship God’.  Barth’s followers seem exceedingly likely to forget that little truth.

Icons are made to be destroyed.  Iconoclasts do that.  And I can’t help it.  I was born this way.

I really do love Barth.  I just don’t love his worshipers.

A Barth Gallery on the Day His Death is Remembered by the Episcopalians…

Because his theology was so like theirs (?)

Millennials Will Never Be ‘The Greatest Generation’

But they’re perfect at being the most selfish, useless, self centered, and lazy generation.  Indeed, they have it down to a fine art.  Little precious things…


CBA Annual Meeting Preview


The 79th International Meeting of The Catholic Biblical Association
is scheduled for August 6-9, 2016 at Santa Clara University in
California — just five miles from the San Jose International Airport (SJC).

More information will be posted on the CBA website, but for budgeting purposes the fees are listed below.

  • Registration: $123 before July 1, 2016 ($143 from July 2 – July 30)
  • Meals: $98 (9 meals, Sat. dinner – Tue. lunch)
  • On-campus rooms: $243 single / $ 174 double (3 nights, Sat. – Tue.)
  • Off-campus rooms: The Mission Inn Santa Clara (859 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050, 0.7 mi/1,1 km from campus) $120.45, tax included and continental breakfast included (Sat. – Tue.= $361.35. N.B. this is a general room rate, not specific to CBA).

See you in sunny San Jose!


The Real War on Christ(mas) …

Is waged by those disciples who can’t be bothered to worship him each week.

So let’s not blame unbelievers for our own failings.

Logos, Free Core, and Free Books

I think it’s possible to download the Logos Core program (it’s free) and then you can sign up for an account and download the free Advent books and book of the month and other stuff.

I THINK it’s possible.

I’m sure as soon as someone from Logos sees this they will correct me.

Anyway, I mention it because of course a lot of people want the free Advent books but don’t have Logos and , accordingly, feel left out.

Happy ‘Karl Barth’s Dead’ Day

barthDec 10, 1968- Barth dies.   Lotte cries.  Finis.

There’s Truth in that there Sarcasm

From the twitter-


Archaeologists: Help

The Palestine Exploration Fund is trying to identify two surveyors.  If you know who these guys are, contact the PEF-


Keeping it Classy in Texas: Persecuting Christians

Texas is terrified that those big bad evil refugees trying to get into this land of the free and home of the brave are secret terrorists (Islamic of course). So…

Syrian refugees who sparked concerns after showing up at Texas border are Christians

When Syrians showed up at a Texas border crossing twice in one week last month amid the national debate about screening Syrian refugees, some immigration officials and lawmakers became alarmed, afraid they might be Muslim terrorists.

Turns out, the first group of Syrians who arrived at the Laredo border crossing on Nov. 17 were Christian families fleeing persecution.

Now the two couples and their four children, as well as a third Christian family who arrived Nov. 20, fear they will not be released or reunited in time for the holidays, attorney Jonathan Ryan told the Los Angeles Times.

Texas joins ISIS in persecuting Christians.  Classy, Texas.  Classy.

Today’s Free Book from Logos

8173If you want to know more about Acts, this is a right good volume.