It Seems that Falwell’s Comments Aren’t Being Applauded Everywhere…

After relating Falwell’s comments, our pundit writes

Now, let’s put aside for a moment that Falwell’s remarks are the kind of lazy, incendiary, irresponsible language that perpetuate uninformed stereotypes, incite unnecessary fear, and make violence against Muslims seem noble and justified—hate speech of the most grievous kind.

And let’s not talk about the fact that if he truly wanted to somehow lift up gun ownership as a means of protecting innocent Americans from violence by bad people, he should have name dropped white Evangelicals, as they account for far more religiously motivated mass murders in our country than anyone, and it ain’t even close. (In most cases of bloody domestic terrorism using firearms, Falwell’s kind are the bad guy.)

Yet even if these things were not part of the equation, Falwell’s vile comments, their warm reception in the crowd, and the subsequent social media defense from other believers, illustrate just how far American Christianity has drifted from the namesake of our faith.

There’s a sad, pathetic irony at play when the loudest, most brazen gun advocates, are those whose faith tradition rests solely on the shoulders of a man who allowed himself to be unjustly beaten, tortured, and executed; who never used his power to do anything but heal and feed and bring peace.

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