It’s OK If You’re White

Police arrested a Long Island, New York man with thousands of rounds of ammunition, and assault rifle, a pistol, body armor and fake federal IDs, after pulling him over for a traffic stop.

Not to worry, though. Police don’t see any indication of an “immediate threat.” Here’s what they found in his car.

He had a fake federal air marshal ID in one pocket, a Ruger .380-caliber pistol in the other and was driving around Long Island with ballistic body armor and a loaded AR-15 assault rifle. He also had an arsenal of weapons at his gated home.

Not to worry, though. According to police, a man armed with a loaded AR-15 wasn’t any immediate threat.

“At this time we don’t see any immediate threat to the public,” Nassau County Police Department spokesman Det. Lt. Richard LeBrun told reporters.

Seven illegal firearms, three high-capacity magazines and 8,300 rounds of ammunition were found in the 49-year-old’s SUV and Syosset home after an exhaustive search, police confirmed.

Here’s the part that just chaps my hide, because it highlights how utterly stupid law enforcement is about terrorism. And racist. And anti-Muslim. The guy’s name is Mark Vicars. A Nice American name. So here’s what police said:

“We don’t see any nexus to any terrorism at this time,” LeBrun said, adding that no anti-American literature or links to terrorism were found at his home.

What is anti-American literature, exactly? Is it always relating to Islam, or could one see anti-American literature calling for the “cleansing” of dirty hippies from the face of the earth, a la Ted Nugent?

This country’s law enforcement community is just as absurd as our political system.

American Christians, Bombing Everyone, and Westboro Baptist Church: An Observation

Many Christians (or so they call themselves) in America – like the President of Liberty University, and Ted Cruz (who today said that ISIS should be carpet bombed and who evidently doesn’t know that such bombings would kill thousands of innocent men, women, and children) who support the blind policy of ‘bomb them all to hell and back and kill them all before they can kill us’ are as morally reprehensible as the hatemongers of Westboro (NOT) Baptist (NOT) Church.

Christians ought to know better than to support any governmental policy which fails to make a distinction between authentic combatants and innocent bystanders.

Christians falling in line with the cultural lunacy which sees every Muslim as an enemy and every Syrian as bombing-worthy have turned their backs on their faith.  They have become, by their decision, heretics and excommunicants.  They might as well join Westboro (NOT) Baptist (NOT) Church, because, theologically and ethically and morally that is precisely where they belong.

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Saudi Arabia Should Be Treated Just Like ISIS

Here’s why:

In the coming days, a Sri Lankan woman is to be led to an outdoor pit in Saudi Arabia. Her arms and hands will be tightly bound, her body buried up to her breasts. Saudi men will then surround her and begin to hurl rocks at her head to kill her slowly.

A married housemaid, she was convicted of adultery, while the man, a bachelor, also a vulnerable Sri Lankan migrant worker, was given 100 lashes, as prescribed by Islamic law.

It is a measure of how violent Saudi Arabia’s capital punishment laws are that beheadings can at times seem compassionate. Decapitation, after all, is nothing compared to lapidation. Beheading is quick; stoning, slow. It’s death by torture.

These people aren’t our allies, they are the cousins of ISIS.  Why are we embracing them as brothers?

Who is Aiding ISIS? Antiquities Dealers and Purchasers

Art treasures looted by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) are ending up in the hands of western dealers and collectors, according to the French finance minister, Michel Sapin.

He called for stricter controls to prevent Isil from profiting in the illicit trade in antiquities plundered from sites such as Palmyra, in Syria, which it captured in May. The group has destroyed archeological sites in Iraq and Syria and looted others.

Isil is the world’s wealthiest terrorist group, with an estimated £1.3 billion amassed through oil sales, robbery and extortion. It has also kidnapped and ransomed foreigners, and sold women as sex slaves.

“Isil is also engaged in an illegal trade in antiquities and works of art and it is not just wealthy Iraqis and Syrians who are buying them but the western market too,” Mr Sapin said. The valuable treasures are believed to pass through several intermediaries and are often sold with forged documentation. “The trafficking channels extend to major European and American dealers,” the minister said.

Yet another reason that antiquities belong in museums and not private collections.

Headline of the Day

Wimpering students need to grow up or get out of university.

That pretty much sums it up.

A university should be a “safe space” – for free speech, for challenging dogmas and assumptions, for putting forward innovative ideas, for robust debate, for discovery, for intellectual courage. It should not be a safe space for preserving the timidities and assurances of pre-university childhood and adolescence.

Exactly! Read all of it.