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I bought Thomas Römer’s 8 seconds after the hall opened.  The rest were  given me by Hendrickson (who are very nice) and in time I’ll have some very brief descriptions of them, their audiences, and their purposes.

Exhaustion and The Vicissitudes of Life

I had intended on doing nothing tonight after 5 because I’m utterly knackered and my feet look like Job’s skin (from the blisters, not the scrapings of shards).  I even felt so poorly (and still do) that I cancelled dinner plans.

And then I was asked by a friend from decades back if I would be at such and such a reception because his lovely wife would be there and was keen to say hi after a multiple year absence.  Who can say no to friendship?

I hobbled over to the reception, sat down half a dozen times to rest up, snapped some photos, had a nice reunion with my dear friends, and have hobbled back to the room to- I confess- write this post and go to bed.

Conferencing is hard work.  Hard on the feet too.  And the back.  Cursed ancientness…

And yes, people are always glad to see me.  That’s why they all smile.


Total Depravity: The Hidden Life of Jim West

I’m no different now than I was 5 years ago when Estee posted this.

Bouncing into Graceland

It is well known that our friend Jim West is something of a fixture at professional academic meetings the world over. Whether at SOTS in the winter, CBA in the summer, or SBL in the fall, attendees old and new can often catch glimpses of Jim having his picture taken with every scholar, rock, and tree within a 15 mile radius, as well as snapping thousands of other pictures for the edification of those who, bound by the grievous constraints of work and family, are regrettably unable to attend such gatherings. Perhaps not as well known is the fact that, in spite of his incessant jeremiads against gluttony, deviancy, and intemperance, Jim is no stranger to the hidden allure of these vices, in which he indulges with reckless abandon during the months between his preferred academic meetings.

Until recently, Jim’s forays into unfettered depravity have gone largely unnoticed on account…

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People, Session, Books, Exhaustion

It’s been a long day.  I feel like it’s midnight.  I am wiped out so I’m going to find a nice quiet place and sit to recuperate.

Here are some photos to tide you over till tomorrow.

Glenn Miller- My Church History Prof in Grad School

He’s the man who, in 1988, introduced me to both Mozart and the field of Church History.  He’s brilliant.  And retired.  but still involved.


Morning Session and People

The Best Presenter at #aarsbl15

Is – in my experience- Michael Langlois.  He knocks it out of the park with his paper both in terms of content and style. He’s truly a presenter not to be missed.  He’s as good in person as he is in his books.

Another Superstar

In linguistics-  Michael Langlois- a super bright kid.

Nothing Better…

Than running into this guy: