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We’ve Already Rounded People Up Once in Our History- It Was Once Too Much

There’s an empty headed politician in Tennessee named Glen Casada who wants to round up Syrians.  We’ve already done that.  Before it happens while I’m alive hell will be raised.  Never again.  Ever.


Gareth Jones on the Refugee Crisis

The “problem” is not refugees: they are human beings who need help and we should help them.

The problem is not Muslims: they are people of faith whom we should embrace.

The problem is a hundred years of western destabilisation of central Arab lands, first as colonial expansion and since the 1930s as a quest for oil. That problem has caused us to sponsor corrupt and anti-social regimes in the Kingdom of Saud, Kuwait, and the UAE, some of which are now financing ISIS through elements of their royal families.

So yes, we’ve created a monster and we must destroy the monster – ISIS. But the greater monster is our own greed and thoughtlessness, which has visited untold sufferings upon these lands for a hundred years.

Bravo.  Exactly.

Quote of the Day

[Good works] are so united with faith that true faith cannot be found without them ~ Lorraine Boettner

The Next Installment of Jimmy Dunn’s Magnum Opus Is Out In December


51v-wZpxhlL._SX336_BO1,204,203,200_This book brings James Dunn’s magisterial Christianity in the Making trilogy to a close. Neither Jew nor Greek covers the period following the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 c.e. and running through the second century, when the still-new Jesus movement firmed up its distinctive identity markers and the structures on which it would establish its growing appeal in the following decades and centuries.

Dunn examines in depth the major factors that shaped first-generation Christianity and beyond, exploring the parting of the ways between Christianity and Judaism, the Hellenization of Christianity, and responses to Gnosticism. He mines all the first- and second-century sources, including the New Testament Gospels and such apostolic fathers as Ignatius, Justin Martyr, and Irenaeus. Comprehensively covering an important, complex era in early Christianity that is often overlooked, Neither Jew nor Greek is a landmark contribution to the field.

Oh boy!

And Then There’s This…

For the foes of refugees to ponder-

Ted Cruz: Opportunistic Fearmonger and Canadian

How come @SenTedCruz doesn’t care about Palestinian Christians being slaughtered by Israel in Gaza and the Occupied Territories but now all of a sudden he cares about Syrian ones?

Because he is an opportunistic fearmonger throwing red meat to the ignorant masses who know nothing about life for Christians in the Middle East.

Christianity has been destroyed in that region and the US invasion of Iraq set it all in motion.

Join NT Wright as He Reveals the Identity of The Messiah!


Week 5, Video 5 and the Heidelberg Catechism

This week’s sessions include a discussion of the Heidelberg Catechism and it’s marvelous.  Just fantastic.  You’re missing out, really, if you are not taking the University of Geneva course on Calvin.


Scenes From ETS

Oh man, I wish I could have been there for this session!  Why’s that kid asleep?  How can anyone sleep through such an exciting looking paper?????


When You Live in Fear of Your Neighbor and Every Stranger…

The terrorists have won.  They’ve crippled you, instilled fear into your heart, and paralyzed your every action.  You think always of the terrorist, you see them in every brown face.  They have taken over your life.  The only difference now between being physically dead at the and of an Islamic radical and the life you live under the umbrella of constant dread is that your heart is still beating.  But you are no longer alive.  Because you’re no longer living.

By bowing the knee to the Baal of fear, you’ve handed yourself, your children, your town, your country over to the terrorists.  They own you and you are theirs.

Enjoy a life like that if you must, but for myself, terror is less terrifying than foolishly imagining that everyone who isn’t like you is your enemy.

But remember, the worst act of terror committed on American soil by a rogue villain was committed by a white guy who looks just like you named Timothy McVeigh.  So, for all you know, your white neighbor is the next villain.  Fear that.

Quote of the Month

Because it summarizes our time-

ridere est ignorantiam proclamare – Ralph Keen

If You’re On The Terror Watch List In America…

You can buy a gun.  Legally.  But if you’re a refugee fleeing death and war, you can’t even get in the country.

America… a Christian nation?  A nation of Christians?  No.

America: A Nation of Christians?


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