Stop Saying ‘If Someone Had a Gun, they Could Have Stopped This Mass Shooting’. It’s a Lie

In the wake of the Paris shootings big mouth Donald Trump has trotted out his idiotic notion that if the Parisians had more guns, this could have been avoided.  Guess what, Dim Donald, there isn’t a SHRED of evidence that any mass shooting in America, armed to the teeth as we are, has EVER been stopped by joe blow with a gun.

Either put up some hard facts proving your suggestion, or shut up.

On the People Who ‘Pray’ During Tragedies

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I prefer that none of the people who ‘pray’ during a tragedy ever pray for me. If you don’t bother with worship of God in the community of faith, you might as well just not bother.

If your faith is part time at best, be honest for once and stop pretending you have any use for God at all.

If I need someone to pray- I’ll get someone who has some experience at it and who knows how to do it.  I wouldn’t ride in an airplane piloted by a 2 month old and I won’t ask an inexperienced unspiritual marginal pretend believer to approach the throne of God.

Total Depravity: The Teen Who Tossed Her Newborn From a Window

An Illinois teen is facing a murder charge after being accused of throwing her newborn baby out of her apartment window—located on the eighth floor of the building.

Mubashra Uddin, 19, was denied bail Saturday after being arraigned in Cook County Bond Court on a first degree murder charge. Police believe that Uddin gave birth Wednesday night and then threw her newborn daughter out of the window onto the grassy area below.

The baby was found at approximately 11:45 p.m. by a bystander who wrapped the baby in blankets while waiting for paramedics to arrive. The child, who was breathing at the time she was found, was rushed to Weiss Memorial Hospital, but was pronounced dead. She suffered numerous injuries, including a fractured spine, skull and ribs, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Those who support abortion will have no cause to find fault with her.  Killing a baby is, however, killing a baby.  Whether that happens when the baby is 2 months along developmentally or 9 months along is irrelevant.  Whether you like it or not, she disposed of a baby just like an abortionist disposes of a baby.  Her lawyer should just call it a late term abortion.  A jury of imbeciles will let her off.  And if they don’t, the imbeciles at the Supreme Court will.

The Best Title of the Sixteenth Century

WHOEVER HAS EARS TO HEAR, LET HIM HEAR A REALLY FAT, GROSS, CORPULENT—A THOROUGHLY PAPIST—LIE, FOR THUS IT SAYS IN THE CANON LAW: DIST. 96, C. CONSTANTINUS.  For which Martin Luther wrote his “Preface, Marginal Glosses, and Afterword to One of the High Articles of the Papist Faith, Called the Donation of Constantine [ca. 800], Translated by Dr. Martin Luther against the Postponed Council of Mantua: 1537.”

The world would be a better place if theological works had titles like that.

Twitter Theology that Makes Me Sigh

Why do people like to ignore the biblical text when it portrays the reality of judgement so clearly?  Do they not read Matthew 24-25, or Revelation, or any of the Prophets, or Deuteronomy, or Genesis, or Leviticus, or 1-2 Samuel, or Galatians, or Romans?  Or any of it?


God is willing to forgive those who cower under the presence of Christ.  But what of the rest?  It sounds so nice to say that judgment is done and we need only look forward to everlasting happiness no matter who we are or what we do.  The problem, though, is that it’s a false view.  It’s false comfort.  It’s theologically foundationless.  It’s a lie.  It makes me sigh.