David: A rapist after God’s own heart?

Read it, if you dare.

David T. Lamb

Check out the article I wrote for Christianity Today online that came out yesterday (Oct 22, 2015):

David Was a Rapist, Abraham Was a Sex Trafficker: What We Miss When We Downgrade Old Testament Abuse Stories to Sexual Peccadillos.”  It wasn’t my idea to use “peccadillos.”  I had to look up what the word meant when my editor suggested it.

The article is based on themes I discuss in Prostitutes and Polygamists: A Look at Love, Old Testament Style.

Here are my blogs where I took about what happened between David and Bathsheba:

David and Bathsheba: Who’s to blame? (Part 1)

David and Bathsheba: Who’s to blame (Part 2)

What do you think? Was David a rapist after God’s own heart?  

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One thought on “David: A rapist after God’s own heart?

  1. I have no skin in the game as to whether David did or didn’t rape Batsheva. I am a big fan of David Lamb and I am thankful that he is focusing on texts from the Hebrew Scripture. None of my comments are personal. I am not convinced that David raped Batsheva for the following reasons. First, the normal language for rape does not appear in the text of II Samuel 11. Dr. Lamb mentions this language on page 121 of his book but then doesn’t mention that this language is missing from the II Samuel 11 narrative. Second, the normal language for consenting sex is used in II Samuel 11 and this also gets left out of the mix. Third, the Hebrew language does have a word for “rape” and again that word is absent from the II Samuel 11 text as well. Fourth, the Torah requires that for a case to be labelled rape the woman in the city must “cry out”. Dr. Lamb dismissed this by saying it wouldn’t have mattered as no one would have come to her help. This issue isn’t whether someone would or wouldn’t have come but did you “cry out”. Dr. Lamb’s theory lacks enough evidence to make a case so I am not convinced. Did David have more social and physical power than Batsheva?–absolutely. Did David coerce or seduce Batsheva?—most likely. Was David held as the primary one responsible?—Yes. Did David rape Batsheva?–No.

    Brent Emery


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