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‘World’ Series? HA!

The difference between the  and the  is that in the latter there are actually teams from all around the world…..

Quote of the Day

Beggars commit sacrilege, who abuse the name of Christ, and make their poverty a cloak to keep them idle still. The apostle commands Timothy not to cherish such idle hypocrites and wandering vagabonds with the alms and expenses of the church goods. – Heinrich Bullinger

Does Anyone Even Know What the Church is Anymore? Anyone?


Good grief.  Because why not make worship into an EF Hutton conference…

Lord, It’s your friend Jim.  It’s ok with me if you want to end the world today.  I don’t think your Son will find faith on earth anywhere when he returns if he keeps waiting.  Look at what passes for Christianity these days not to mention worship and evangelism and study of scripture.  Yeah, I think it’s best to bring it to an end.  But, if for some bizarre reason you think these sorts of people can be taught, then by all means wait.  Personally, I think it’s a waste of time.  But hey, it’s your planet.  Do what you wish.

Thanks.  Your friend,


An Essay by Tim Lahaye on Revelation….

Is as meaningful and theologically accurate as an essay by NT Wright on the theology of Luther or Zwingli.  Which is to say, not at all.


The Bishop’s Loyalty Oath

For your reading pleasure- here’s the loyalty oath sworn by Bishops to the Pope in the 16th century:

I will be helper to keep and defend the Roman papacy, and royalties of St Peter, against every man. I will be careful to preserve, defend, increase, and further the rights, honours, privileges, and authority of the church of Rome, of our lord the pope, and of his successors: neither will I be of any counsel, act, or treaty, whereby ought adverse to our lord or the church of Rome, or to the prejudice of their persons, right, honour, state, and power, shall be devised. And if I shall know such things to be undertaken by any one, I will hinder them to the utmost of my ability. The rules of the holy fathers, the decrees, ordinances, judgments, dispositions, reservations, provisions, and apostolical mandates, with all my power I will observe, and cause to be observed by others. Heretics, schismatics, and rebels against our lord, I will persecute and fight against with all my might.

Not a word of loyalty to Christ.  Just fealty to the Pope and his money.  No wonder, is there, that Luther found the papacy so disgusting and saw the need for change (even if he were a bit slow at it).

If Your Pastor is an Unbeliever, Fire Her/Him Today

An unbelieving minister is the greatest of all stumbling blocks to the church. I have had occasion to witness enough of this to make any man’s heart sick. It matters not at all in what particular form his unbelief develops itself; in that direction all will be ruin.  — Charles G. Finney

An atheist ‘pastor’ is an oxymoron and a cancer in the body of Christ. No one treats cancer with mercy or patience.  Cancer is destroyed.

Bibliobloggers Go Trickertreating

What. ‘Great’. ‘Costumes’…

Remember, Death is Coming for You, Soon, Too

You’re welcome-


Zwingli and Luther

The fact was that Zwingli and Luther could by no possibility be friends. Each was a pope in his way, only Luther ruled a nation and Zwingli a city. Each was absolutely sure of himself and that he had found out the truth. Each had no belief in the honesty or capacity of those who differed from him.

Manifestly the best thing for both parties was to attempt no contact. Instead of doing so they carried on directly and indirectly a protracted and abusive controversy, disgraceful to both of them. What they both needed was good breeding. Their unhappy controversy was discreditable to both of them. Its practical effect was to divide and so weaken Protestantism. — Samuel Macauley Jackson, Huldreich Zwingli: The Reformer of German Switzerland (1484–1531), 278–279.

Jackson is not wrong.  When there are two people in the room who are both stubborn and right (in their own view anyway), there will be two enemies in the room.  Neither was capable of bending.  Neither could have if they had wanted to.  Benders are never shapers and shapers are never benders.  It’s just the way life is.

Zwingli was the better theologian of the two.  Luther the most prideful.

Churches and ‘Judgement Houses’: An Observation

Judgment House as evangelistic tool makes as little sense as Satan as example of Christianity. There’s nothing of honest evangelism in them and no biblical basis for them as evangelistic method. If your church has one you need a new theologian in residence.

Gun Smoking Biblical Archaeology

Happy Reformation Day (Except to the Still Angry About it Papists)

Or as I like to call it- Second Reformation Day Initiated by the Third Reformer, Luther, Who Wasn’t the First Reformer (That Was Zwingli, Already in 1515) or the Brightest Reformer (That Was Calvin). But that’s an awfully long title and it hasn’t really caught on. Though in order to be historically accurate, it should.

At any rate- Happy Day to all those children of the Reformers!

The #SBL executive committee meets one final time before #AARSBL15


In A World Where Justice is Real

If it’s a hate crime when a White does it, it is when a Black does it.
It it’s terrorism when a Muslim does it, it is when a Christian does it.
If it’s ok for the American government to do it, it’s ok for any government.

That’s equality. That’s justice.

Luther’s Reformation in a Neat Video (In English, Believe it or Not)



The AAR SBL Annual Meeting App is Available

IMG_6946With thanks to the sharp eyed Danny McClellan for noticing it first. Get it from your iPhone from the app store app searching AARSBLAM15.

You Very Often Can, In Fact, Tell a Book By Its Cover

And you don’t have to read a page of it to know it’s rubbish.


So, You Had a ‘Good Idea’ And Wrote A Book About it, Did You…


How Christian Theology Prioritizes the Value and Weight of Evidence for Theological Perspectives: An Observation

10,000 books based on some persons feelings, views, ideas, or notions aren’t worth one verse of scripture.