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Quote of the Day

Akkadian writing (like they did in ancient Mesopotamia) used signs for random syllables, for words, for the syllables in certain words (i.e., not random sounds but not exactly words either) and for whole ideas. Today I was struck by the parallel with our emerging “texting” language, in which we might use “L8” to spell “late” or use “u” to spell “you.” For a parallel to ideograms, consider emojis. The more things change, they more they stay the same. –  Loren Crow

Well said.  And right on target.

The 11 Most Popular Logical Fallacies Utilized in Biblical Studies and Theology












Funny Tweet of the Day

@CalvinHipster: I’m glad TULIP beat out:-

-Perseverance of the Saints
-Atonement is Limited
-No choice in Election
-Sin rules you
-You can’t resist Grace

Martin Luther To Justin Bieber

Bieber said today that you don’t have to go to church to be a Christian.  Evidently the Beebs doesn’t own a Bible that contains Hebrews 10:24-25 where believers are informed that they have no right to abandon the assembly.

At any rate, Martin Luther is a bit displeased with the dilettantism of the singer (used loosely).  Luther writes

Your words are un-Christian, antichristian, and spoken by the inspiration of the evil spirit.

Fair enough, Martin.  Anyway, it’s a shame that an entire generation of Millennial singers and journalists have taken it upon themselves to speak about theological themes while knowing nothing and understanding less.

The Latest Hashtag Activism: #StandWithPP

I’m guessing the people who #StandWithPP have lain down with the devil.

When He’s Dead, Francis Will Be Beatified…

The process has already begun, with the declaration of the performance of a ‘miracle’ done by him-


Conference Announcement: Remembering the Bronze Age

Justin Bieber- Pretending to be a Theologian

He’s as bad as journalists pretending to be theologians:


Every person getting theological guidance from Bieber deserves whatever bilge he spews.

Inequality Under the Law: Why Are Women Molesters Treated More Generously Than Men?

Here’s another case of women being given special considerations under the law that men would never receive:

A schoolboy has revealed that a teaching assistant he slept with 50 times told him he had made her pregnant. The boy, who was 15 at the time, said the two months of abuse by Caroline Berriman, 30, had left him “scarred for life”. He said the two-year suspended sentence she received last week was “atrocious”.

If a man had molested a girl or a boy that often he would rightly be buried underneath the jail.  But a woman receives little more than a slap on the wrist.  Tell me, with a straight face, that this is justice.  Women aren’t treated poorly in the criminal justice system, they are treated spectacularly well, all the whinings to the contrary notwithstanding.

America’s Policies in the Middle East Make No Sense at All

America thinks
  • That it’s bad for Hussein to kill Kurds
  • That it’s bad for Assad to barrel bomb his own citizens
But that
  • it’s OK for Saudi Arabia to kill Yeminis
  • And that it’s ok for Israel to bomb Gaza
This is nothing but  driven not by any sense of right and wrong but by purely partisan economic interests.  And that’s policy driven by evil, to evil, for evil.

Zwingli’s First Mass- On this Day in 1506

glarusAccording to Jackson

On Michaelmas day, which that year (1506) came on Tuesday, September 29th, he read his first mass in the parish church at Wildhaus. He then went to Glarus.

Or more fully, according to West

At ten years of age Zwingli was sent to Basel to study and then to Bern and Vienna (at around fifteen years of age) where he earned a Bachelor’s degree. By 1506 he had earned a Master of Arts at Basel’s famous University and then shortly after celebrated his first Mass at his hometown before moving to Glarus to take up his priestly office. It was while he was in that picturesque village that Zwingli poured himself into his studies of the Bible, led by the urgings of Erasmus, who was then the leader of learning in Switzerland and across western Europe. According to his own testimony, it was in 1515 that the ‘reformatory’ spirit began to stir in his heart so that when he moved to Einsiedeln (in 1516) to serve the congregation there, he was already pursuing the beginnings of Reformed thought.

Happy First Mass Day, Huldrych, and thank Heaven that you left that superstition behind by 1520.

Demons Aren’t The Problem, Mom, You Are

A 5-year-old boy and a baby girl were removed from their home after their mother, Danielle Hughes, 23, called 911 and asked for a priest to remove the demons from her son according to Spartanburg County deputies. Hughes says she called 911 because she thought demons were in the process of possessing her house. She said pictures were falling off the wall and a shadow was standing over her shoulder. Deputies say they found the house dirty and filled with trash and dead roaches. The bedroom also had dirty diapers, trash, and half-empty spoiled milk bottles lying on the floor. The baby’s legs were covered in bug bites and deputies found no formula in the house for the baby. They say the food in the dirty refrigerator was molded and the kitchen had gnats coming out of it.

Demons didn’t make you ignore your children.  You own that, Ms. Hughes. It’s known as taking responsibility.

Cranach’s Church

cranachJan Harasimowicz und Bettina Seyderhelm sind die Herausgeber eines neuen Bands über die Stadtkirche St. Marien in Wittenberg: “Cranachs Kirche; Begleitbuch zur Landesausstellung Sachsen-Anhalt: Cranach der Jüngere 2015”.

Die Stadtkirche St. Marien in Wittenberg ist als Predigtkirche Martin Luthers weltbekannt. Sie ist aber in ganz besonderer Weise auch die Kirche Lucas Cranachs d.J. (1515–1586). Hier sind nicht nur zahlreiche bedeutende Werke von seiner Hand, aus seiner Werkstatt und aus seinem Umkreis noch in dem Raum erhalten, für den sie einst geschaffen wurden – die Kirche ist auch ein authentischer Ort, der das Leben des Malers vom Anfang bis zum Ende bezeugt.

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