Science is a Faith- A System of Belief

You have to chuckle at people who insist that, in opposition to theology, scientific endeavors are ‘objective and dispassionate’.  As Stephen Charnock put it so brilliantly, centuries ago,

There is more of belief than reason in the world; all instructors and masters in sciences and arts require first a belief in their disciples, and a resignation of their understandings and wills to them. And it is the wisdom of God to require that of man, which his own reason makes him submit to another, which is his fellow-creature. He therefore that quarrels with the condition of faith must quarrel with all the world, since belief is the beginning of all knowledge; indeed, and most of the knowledge in the world may rather come under the title of belief than of knowledge.

Science requires acceptance of its system just as surely as theology does.  Don’t allow it to fool you into thinking otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Science is a Faith- A System of Belief

  1. Jona

    No no no, dear Jim, no.

    The axioms of theology are based on revelation. That means that they are true for the faithful. Science, on the other hand, attempts to have axioms that are agreed upon universally. This is really a difference.

    Another important difference is that believers are usually not challenged to evaluate the validity of their axioms/revelation. Scientists, on the other hand, love to think about it.

    Or at least, that’s what they did until the 1980s. Nowadays, it’s less common. That does, however, not prove that science and theology have much in common. It only proves that science is nowadays corrupted.


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