#ICYMI – From 2015 – Hector Avalos Wants to ‘Re-Task’ Biblical Scholars…

12 Aug


If Avalos really thinks that biblical scholarship should be discontinued, he should take the lead and discontinue his own activities in biblical scholarship.  Otherwise, there’s a word for him.  Hypocrite.

Were Avalos even remotely ethical as a person he would leave the field he despises.  But, alas, like the angry atheist pastors who remain in the service of the Church because they fear they cannot be employed elsewhere or simply like the money too much, so too Avalos who is either unwilling or unable to do some other sort of work.

Again, we have a word for that sort of person: hypocrite.  Poor Avalos.  To live in a field you literally despise and yet to make your living from it.  He must be terribly conflicted and terribly disoriented.

UPDATE:  It doesn’t seem, two years later, that anyone has taken Avalos’ advice, including himself, since he still makes his living misrepresenting Scripture.

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