The Jewish Taliban and the Wish to Empty Israel of Christian Churches

Head of anti-assimilationist group declares churches have no place in Israel and says he “does not cry” over the death of Palestinian toddler in recent arson attack.

So the headline in the Telegraph

Having publicly advocated the destruction of Israel’s Christian churches, Benzi Gopstein might have good cause to fear for his liberty. But if Mr Gopstein, the leader of Lehava – a group infamous for its virulent campaigns against relationships between Arab men and Jewish women – worries about arrest just days after prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government announced an unprecedented offensive against “Jewish terror”, he was not showing it.

Instead, in plain sight and surrounded by the smells of multiple barbecues being cooked by ultra-Orthodox Jewish families in Jerusalem’s Sacher Park, he brazenly urged the same government to expel Christian places of worship from the Holy Land. “We don’t speak about people to do it. It’s what the government needs to do,” Mr Gopstein told the Telegraph in a rare interview with a foreign news outlet. “If the government wants to [have] a Jewish state, that’s what we say.”

I’d be very interested in hearing any explanation which offers a differentiation between this group and the Muslim Taliban and their ideology.


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