A Clutch of Carnivals

Clutching Carnivals.

Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception

Once again it is carnival time in the land of biblical studies! This month, Lindsay Kennedy does the honours by hosting the July Biblical Studies Carnival on his My Digital Seminary blog.

I’ve been particularly busy during the past month (yes, I do have to actually do some work from time to time) and this is when the carnivals really come into their own. Lindsay has divided the post into three subsections: News and Events, Reviews and Posts and Media/Podcasts. Each section offers a wide selection of offerings. As might be expected the responses to the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife makes an appearance as well as a link to the New Testament Studies special issue which was devoted to it.

One issue that I think will be receiving greater attention over the coming months/years relates to the question of a (very) early high Christology. Larry Hurtado’s work (a summary of his…

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