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Mary’s Prayer


John Russell Houser Bought a Gun, Legally, After Passing a Background Check

In Alabama.

Let that sink in for a few minutes.


Bibi’s War on Palestinian Christians- Suported By American Christian Zionists

The Israeli high court ruled this month that the military can begin construction on a segment of Israel’s wall in the West Bank that will divide land belonging to the town of Beit Jala.  The news shocked residents who believed that a high court ruling in April this year blocked construction in that area while the army was ordered to find a less disruptive route.

If built as originally planned, the wall would have cut off the Cremisan Salesian monastery and convent from the rest of the Beit Jala community.  With this latest ruling, construction will proceed with only minor changes — still dividing the land while carving out a small enclave to keep the religious sites accessible.

American Christian Zionists who support the Settlers and the Government of Israel are supporting the seizure of Christian land.  How can that set well with them?  Is blind support of a modern state more important than Christian solidarity?

Which Religious Group Is Most Militant In Attempting to Force Conversion?

The angry atheists, of course-


‘Church’-Less Churches: An Observation

If your ‘church’ lacks the word ‘church’ in its title, my question to you is, what are you ashamed of, or what are you hiding?

Luther’s Handwritten Will

luther's willThe Hungarian Lutheran Church will lend the handwritten will of Martin Luther to the city of Wittenberg for the 500th anniversary celebration of the Reformation in 2017, Lutheran Bishop Tamás Fabiny told news agency MTI. The writings will be on display in Wittenberg from August to November, Fabiny said, adding that in exchange for the document, the Hungarian National Museum will receive a replica of the will to be put on display during those four months. The National Museum will also be lent a valuable artefact from the Wittenberg collection: a Hungarian flag belonging to a group of Hungarian students studying at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg in the 1520s.

The city of Wittenberg asked the Hungarian Lutheran National Archives to lend it the will at the beginning of 2015. In April, Károly Hafenscher, president of the Synod of the Hungarian Lutheran Church and commissioner appointed to help the work of the Reformation Memorial Committee, held talks with Stephan Dorgerloh, minister of cultural affairs of Saxony-Anhalt on a potential deal, with the final decision being left up to the Hungarian Lutheran Church. The German government then said it considered it essential for one of Luther’s most personal writings to be on display at an exhibition of 95 of Luther’s personal belongings.

Etc.  Fun, right?

On Relenting: An Observation

I don’t believe in relenting.  Too many relent and surrender core principles for the sake of simply being liked.

Resilient Reformer: The Life and Thought of Martin Luther

9781451494150hI appreciate Fortress sending along a review copy of this intriguing looking work (in an electronic edition) :


Prologue: “Here I Sit”: The Crisis of Summer 1545
1. A Family’s Hopes: 1483–1505
2. From Brother Martin to Doctor Luther: 1505–1517
3. Martin Luther: Critic of the Church: 1517–1518
4. Martin Luther: Theologian for the Church: 1519–1520
5. The Trial of Martin Luther: 1520–1521
6. Luther the Prisoner: 1521–1522
7. The Crisis in Wittenberg: 1521–1524
8. Becoming Martin Luther: The Decisive Year of 1525
9. The Birth of Lutheranism: 1526–1532
10. Being Martin Luther: 1532–1539
11. Darkness with Shafts of Light: 1540–1545
12. Death and Vindication: 1545–1555
The Forty-Six Players in the Lutheran Reformation: A Brief Guide

My review: