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But What Does it Mean?

From the twitter-

“Faith is the breath which enables us to praise God, not to praise breath.” -NT Wright

But it makes no sense. I sometimes think Wright is ahhhhed over the same way that people feign amazement at elephants who paint: elephants don’t paint with understanding but people like to feel sophisticated even though they know they shouldn’t.

huh? because huh? #MakesNoSense 

Luther: On the Pope’s Disinterest in Immortality

“When there was a dispute whether the soul is mortal or immortal, the pope held to the former on the ground that it would be terrible to believe in a future life, for conscience, he said, is an evil beast that makes a man take a stand against himself.” — Martin Luther

Conference Announcement: “Ad Fontes, Ad Futura: Erasmus’ Bible and the Impact of Scripture”

In celebration of upcoming 500th anniversary of Erasmus’ Greek text and the Reformation, the Department of Theology at HBU, in conjunction with the Dunham Bible Museum, is pleased to host the conference “Ad Fontes, Ad Futura: Erasmus’ Bible and the Impact of Scripture”, February 25-27, 2016.

The conference will focus on textual and historical issues regarding the development of the Bible and its impact on society. Keynote speakers include Craig Evans (Houston Baptist University), Timothy George (Beeson Divinity School, Samford University), Herman Selderhuis (Theological University Apeldoorn) and Daniel Wallace (Dallas Theological Seminary). The plenary talks are free and open to the public.

The conference will also have a number of short papers discussing the development of the Bible and its impact on society. There will be issued shortly a call for papers addressing topics such as: the historical context of the creation of the Bible especially in its textual traditions, the history of the Greek text, Bible translation, the formation of the canon, the Bible in the Reformation and post-Reformation period.

And more.

Zwingli’s Works on the Catabaptists

zwingli (1)Zwingli wrote a lot about and in conversation with the Re-Baptizers:

  • “Baptism, Re-baptism, and Infant Baptism,” May 27, 1525 (ii., 1, 230–303; language, German; in modern German by R. Christoffel, Zurich, 1843)
  • “On the office of preacher, wherein is shown that the self-commissioned disturbers of the peace are not apostles as they consider themselves, work against God’s Word when they obtrude themselves upon the sermons of the faithful pastors and preachers of the Gospel, without necessity or permission of the whole congregation and of the pastor,” June 30, 1525 (ii., 1, 304–336, German)
  • “Dr. Balthasar [Hubmaier’s] booklet upon Baptism honestly and thoroughly answered,” 1525, exact date unknown, but after July 11, the date of Hubmaier’s book (ii., 1, 343–369, German)
  • “Refutation of the tricks of the Catabaptists,” July 31, 1527 (iii., 358–437, Latin)
  • “Questions upon the Sacrament of Baptism,” drawn up by Schwenckfeld in 1530, after November 18th, when Brunner asked Butzer whether he should send them to Zwingli, who in this treatise reprints Schwenckfeld’s questions and then briefly answers them (iii., questions 563–571, answers 571–588, Latin).*

There was no love lost between the camps.
*Huldreich Zwingli: The Reformer of German Switzerland (1484–1531).

The ESPN FC App Will Allow Game Alerts For MLS, But Not For Other Games?

What gives, ESPN?


Note the little alert bell where, if you want to watch a MLS match you can get game alerts for start time, end time, scores, penalties, and more.

Now, note the absence of that alert capability on the games that aren’t MLS:


So, even though I’d like to be alerted during the FC Zurich game, I can’t.


And on the main screen, you can click the little bell for MLS games and get alerts as well but note that if you want to be alerted to the doings of Man United or Lucerne or Zurich you’re just out of luck.  So, ESPN, why?

A Forthcoming Volume of Interest by Adrian Schenker

Zwingli’s Works in the Corpus Reformatorum

– Eine Einführung und Übersicht bietet: http://www.irg.uzh.ch/projekte/exegetica.html
– Der Artikel von reformiert.info in der Bündner Ausgabe: http://reformiert.info/artikel/graub%C3%BCnden/zwingli-war-kein-pr%C3%BCder-sittenw%C3%A4chter. Das ist eine Reprise der Publikation in der Zürcher Ausgabe, die einen Monat früher erfolgte (ohne online-Version)
– Der Artikel der Webseite der UZH: http://www.uzh.ch/news/articles/2015/vom-rechten-mass.html
With thanks to Daniel Bolliger for the links.