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The Difference Between an Atheist and an Angry Atheist

What’s the difference between an atheist and an angry atheist? The former is decent, likable, and non-condescending.

The latter is a former Christian turned radical foe of Christianity who sees their mission to be the annihilation of faith. They are former Christians (although they were never authentic believers) because they wanted God to do their will at some point (like heal them of their polio or some such or fix their failed marriage) and when he didn’t they got their little precious feelings hurt and stormed off.

Atheists are usually delightful people with whom it is possible to have quite friendly relations whereas angry atheists are predestined to damnation and really rightly deserve it.

The Best Compliment Ever Given a Pastor…

Is the compliment paid John Flavel-

That person must have a very soft head, or a very hard heart, or both, that could sit under his ministry unaffected.”

Yuval Goren’s Website is Up and Running

This collection of historical microscopes started as part of my routine work. Like many collectors I have known over the years, I practice microscopy as part of my profession (in archaeology). Needing a good portable polarizing microscope for fieldwork, I started acquiring available instruments. As these proved unsatisfactory, my search was expanded to past models. At the same time I designed my dream microscope (below). In due time the collection has been altered to include selected milestone microscopes having significant historical importance. This is the collection’s online catalog.

Take a look– lots of cool stuff.

So, How’s The Accreditation Industry Working For You Now, Trinity Western University?

An Ontario Superior Court has dealt a blow to Trinity Western University, ruling that Ontario’s law society acted within its rights when it denied accreditation to the proposed law school from the Christian-based, B.C. university in an April, 2014, vote.

The decision by directors of the Law Society of Upper Canada infringed TWU’s freedom of religion, but the court considered that it did so to protect individuals’ rights to equal treatment. Since announcing its plans to open a new law school, TWU has been at the centre of a national debate over its Community Covenant, which asks students to agree to abstain from sexual intimacy outside of heterosexual marriage or face possible suspension or expulsion.

The ruling “points a knife at the freedom of faith communities across Canada to hold and practise their beliefs,” said Guy Saffold, a spokesman from TWU, who added the school plans to appeal the ruling.

Accreditation is, as I have said for years, simply a new magisterium which wields control and wishes to enforce a single viewpoint.  But go ahead, keep paying for the privilege of being told exactly what you must teach, believe, and do.

Tennis Player Dude’s Reaction…

Upon Hearing that another NT Wright book was in the press…


Mr President: If You Can Illuminate OUR Seat of Power With The Pride Colors

You can illuminate it with the colors of the American flag.  We expect you to do it tonight.  Elsewise, your concern isn’t to be the President of the Country, but only of a tiny minority within it.



The State of the Fallen


1. But after our first parent did contrary to what God had commanded, (Rom. 5.) he incurred the penalty appointed by God, and lost the most fair gift of original righteousness. Hence there was a want of this righteousness, (Eph. 2.,) together with a vicious habit of concupiscence, which is perpetually at war with the spirit and the higher powers of the soul. This sin, (i.e., the privation of that righteousness by which it rendered the reason subject to God,) together with concupiscence, he propagated to all his posterity, so that all men whatsoever that come into this world (Job 25.) are born with it, and none is free from it, not even the child of one day, according to the Scriptures.

2. Hence that wound of our nature, that the animal man perceives not the things which are spirit, (1 Cor. 2.,) nor before grace desires and freely chooses the same, seeing that the concupiscence and affection of the flesh which rule in him are enmity against God, and abhorrent from the law of God, (Rom. 8.,) and impede him the more in good, the more they impel him to evil.

3. And though such a man retains freedom of will, though weak and injured, and from it as from a fountain both the moral virtues of the heathen, and the actings of these (virtues) flow, yet before the grace of God and renovation he cannot aspire to a righteousness which is valid before God, but is rather the slave of sin, the bondman of Satan, the enemy of God, and liable to the evils of this world: for he is pressed by hunger, thirst, cold, heat, pain, disease, and is at last overcome by death itself. For by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin. (Rom. 5.) But then punishments of that first transgression are common to the regenerate as well as sinners. In the case of the former, however, they are employed by God for discipline, whereas they are inflicted as punishment on the unrighteous and ungodly.

4. And that in man thus depraved by original sin, so long as nature only continues and is not renewed by grace, along with depraved concupiscence Satan also reigns, who holds him bound with the chains of his slavery, and works in him so that he corresponds in his desires, doing the will and mind of the flesh, and crowns the original sin which he drew from his parents with actual sins, and is, as the Apostle says, (Eph. 2.,) a child of wrath, so that if he dies in this his most wretched condition, being at length thrown into hell by the just judgment of God, he there suffers eternal punishments, so that, as it is written by Isaiah, neither is his fire extinguished nor does his worm die. (Isaiah 66.) –  John Calvin

Quote of the Day

If you walk closely with God forty years, you will have a much lower opinion of yourself than you have now. – John Newton



What Say Ye?

On free will- Luther or Erasmus?  Go-

You Aren’t Really Free At All…

Until Christ sets you free.

Delivering Adam and Eve from Hell

Delivering Adam and Eve from Hell


It was 4 July, 1522 when Luther finished this book and sent it off to the publisher.  As it commences, Luther writes

I now let you know that from now on I shall no longer do you the honor of allowing you—or even an angel from heaven—to judge my teaching or to examine it. For there has been enough foolish humility now for the third time at Worms, and it has not helped.

Instead, I shall let myself be heard and, as St. Peter teaches, give an explanation and defense of my teaching to all the world [I Pet. 3:15]. I shall not have it judged by any man, not even by any angel. For since I am certain of it, I shall be your judge and even the angels’ judge through this teaching (as St. Paul says [I Cor. 6:3]) so that whoever does not accept my teaching may not be saved—for it is God’s and not mine. Therefore, my judgment is also not mine but God’s.

Luther wasn’t burdened with any sense of insignificance.  He was, let’s go ahead and say it, quite independent.

Happy Independence Day.

Happy Birthday, America