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The Christian Zionist Connection to the Murder of the Palestinian Child

On the twitter, in reference to the Palestinian child burned to death by the ‘godly’ settlers, @Gabriel_Erbs tweets- “The terrorist settler were from Ma’ale Efraim, which is funded by Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, which is funded by John Hagee… … Continue reading

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Sad News: Richard Hays is Leaving Duke

In order to receive treatment for pancreatic cancer.  If you’re the praying sort please remember him and his family.  Pancreatic cancer is extremely nasty.

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Reformers and their Weekend Plans

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Planned DeceptionHood

It just keeps getting worse for the infant slaughterhouse.  Or rather, more of their deceptive practices are coming to light.

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That One Time When Martin Luther Was in a Bad Mood…

And wrote, in a preface to a book by another that was being published, The Papists despair of their cause and have decided, in spite and in defiance of God, with full knowledge and intent, to do everything that is … Continue reading

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Israeli Settlers Set a Palestinian House on Fire and Burned a Baby to Death

Out RAGEOUS! Suspected Israeli settler attackers torched a Palestinian home in the occupied West Bank on Friday, killing an 18-month-old child and seriously injuring his parents and older brother in an act that Israel’s prime minister described as terrorism. The house … Continue reading

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What Utter Perversity: The Methodist Pastor Who Thinks Objecting to Abortion is ‘Idolatry’

Talk about calling good, evil and evil, good… this Methodist guy has that down to an art: The United Methodist Church has been a subject of controversy for years as it supports legalized abortion within the context of supposedly being … Continue reading

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Never Compare Yourself to Someone Else… A Parable

A new parable of Jesus has been discovered in the Judean desert on a papyrus fragment! One day Jesus was teaching the multitudes and he said “Never compare yourself to someone else… Because whilst you are always going to find … Continue reading

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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Good movie.  Not a great movie. Not the best movie so far this Summer.  But worth seeing.  At a matinee.  At the discount price.

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Today With Zwingli: His Refutation of Catabaptist Tricks

In catabaptistarum strophas elenchus was published by Zwingli on 31 July, 1527 and was translated into English in the early 20th century by S.M. Jackson and published in a very lovely little edition which, fortunately, is now in the public … Continue reading

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Please, Sign this Petition

It has to do with allowing researchers the freedom to make use of materials and images held by the Zurich Central Library.  Please, sign it.  It won’t cost you a penny and it will insure that those responsible for these … Continue reading

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Reformation und Rationalität

A new volume has been published in the Refo500 Academic Series by V&R: On 19th October 1512, Martin Luther received his doctorate of theology under the chairmanship of Andreas Bodenstein of Karlstadt. Throughout his life, Luther remained tied to the Universityof … Continue reading

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Another Video Exposing #PlannedParenthood

Here– and this time the ‘Doctor’ describes live births….  These ghouls need prison.

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SOTS President Hans Barstad Honored with a Festschrift

Thanks to our SOTS info guru Jonathan for posting this. That’s Prof. Barstad on the left.  Our left, their right.  With the tie.  The dude.  Anyway, there’s an e-book edition but I haven’t been able to track down a print … Continue reading

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I Can’t Help It- This Made Me Laugh- #IAmCecil

Via Jim Aitken on the Facebook- and a source of a day’s worth of smilings.

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With Appreciation To Emily Varner for a Copy of the Zondervan NIV Study Bible (50th Anniversary Edition)

It arrived today.  Should you wish to know all about it, Biblegateway has loads of info including videos.  Thanks again, Emily.

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Critical Questions for the Early High Christology Club

Michael Kok writes in Bible and Interpretation: Many scholars of Christian origins infer that the Christian understanding of Christ (i.e. Christology) evolved in the first century CE from a human who was exalted to heavenly glory to a divine being … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Of the beginning of his struggle against the papacy, Luther notes, I was occasionally accused of being excessively mordant and inconsiderate on account of that overconfidence with which I was inflamed. Is there such a thing as OVERconfidence?

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The Secret of A Long and Happy Pastoral Ministry

Back in college (last century) our Preaching Prof told us If you want to have a long and happy pastoral ministry there’s only one thing you need to know: People will treat you like God. When asked what he meant … Continue reading

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You Know That’s Right – And As it Should Be

Via the instagram of Joel “The Methopapist’ Watts-

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