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Bengal was Right – Alot But Not Always

The multifarious abuse, or I should rather say nefarious contempt of Holy Scripture has, in our days, reached its climax, and that not only with the profane, but even with those, who in their own opinion are wise, nay spiritual. … Continue reading

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Bengal Was Right

Not everyone who owns a harp can play upon it.  – Albrecht Bengal The context of that bit of wisdom (ancient when he cited it) here is the fact that simply owning a Bible doesn’t mean that the one who … Continue reading

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Bengel: On Commentaries

Bengal describes the purpose of commentaries thusly: Commentaries are chiefly available for the following purposes:  to preserve, restore, or defend the purity of the text; to exhibit the exact force of the language employed by any sacred writer; to explain … Continue reading

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It Took 14 Days, But I Finally Finished It

So my review of David Congdon’s little book on Bultmann will be posted later this week.   It’s a very fine piece of work. Stay tuned.

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The Death of Shlomo Moussaieff

Robert Deutsch writes Shlomo Moussaieff dies at the age of 92 Shlomo Moussaieff’s passion for collecting antiquities began in his youth, on the streets of Jerusalem’s Old City. He very soon developed an enthusiasm for antiquities of historical significance, specifically … Continue reading

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Fuller Seminary Needs to be Renamed Fooler

Because- foolishness.  Stupid, senseless foolishness is happening there because the administration is controlled by the spirit of cowardice and fear and trembling and no longer believes in the sacred notion of academic freedom.  And that’s foolish.  Or perhaps we should … Continue reading

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Bibleworks 10: Greek Audio and Final Observations

Earlier segments of this review series are listed here.  In this present, and final installment I would like to focus on the audio portion (for which you’ll simply have to take my word since there’s no way to share the … Continue reading

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Congratulations America, You’ve Gone Officially INSANE: Walmart Will Make An ISIS Cake, But Not A Confederate Flag Cake

A man in Louisiana is asking for an explanation from Walmart after his request for a Confederate flag cake at one of its bakeries was rejected, but a design with the ISIS flag was accepted. Chuck Netzhammer said he ordered the … Continue reading

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What Salty, Gritty, Senseless Rubbish Dr. Moltmann

Scripture please…  bloody Universalists.

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Why am I unbending? because, God help us, most people bend with the breeze caused by a gnat’s wing.

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Bristol Palin: The Left Should Love Her

She’s just like so many Emergent ‘Christians’: talking about God and how much she loves God, etc., etc., but living as she pleases without any regard for anything revealed in Scripture. She should be a Saint to the left.  They … Continue reading

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Bumper Stickers: An Observation

Political slogans might fit on bumper stickers, because they are necessarily shallow and meaningless.  But theology confined to a few words is neither useful nor true.    Our ‘soundbite driven culture’s wishes’ for imprecision and inaccuracy notwithstanding.

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Adolf von Harnack- Reprinted with a New Preface

This is very cool- Harnack, Adolf von – Lehrbuch der Dogmengeschichte Das ›Lehrbuch der Dogmengeschiche‹ ist Adolf von Harnacks wichtigstes und berühmtestes Werk und ein Monument liberaler christlicher Geschichtsschreibung. In diesem Werk macht Harnack Ursprung und Entwicklung des christlichen Dogmas ausfindig, … Continue reading

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Fad Theology: An Observation

Fad theology: that theology which is based in the wispy wishful thinking of those who have no solid foundation in Scripture. And want none.

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Enough Concessions, Philipp

Luther wrote Melanchthon from Coburg on 29 June, 1530 whilst the latter was attending the Augsburg mess.  He remarks, with a touch of irritation I have received your Apologia, and I wonder what it is you want when you ask … Continue reading

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Heckling Joel

Who hasn’t heckled Joel Osteen?  Instead of being arrested these people should have been applauded and everyone in Osteen’s audience (I refuse to use the word congregation because that would imply Osteen pastored an actual Church) should have joined in … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Irene Dingel

Lutherische Theologische Hochschule – Heute Vormittag ist an der LThH der Hermann-Sasse-Preis der SELK für lutherische theologische Literatur für das Jahr 2015 an Frau Prof. Dr. Irene Dingel für die Neuedition der Bekenntnisschriften der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche (BSELK) verliehen worden. Den … Continue reading

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