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The Statement of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops

On the SCOTUS SSM decision: Regardless of what a narrow majority of the Supreme Court may declare at this moment in history, the nature of the human person and marriage remains unchanged and unchangeable. Just as Roe v. Wade did … Continue reading

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Curious Christian Cultural Cravings

It’s a very odd thing to hear Christian folk talk about wishing to fit in with society.  Very odd.  It’s qlmost as though they have never opened the Bible.  Ever.

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Pride! Surely the Bible Is All About It, #AmIRight

Let’s read a sampling of the texts where the notion of pride comes up.  I’m sure, the way its bandied about these days, it must be a good and righteous thing…. So human pride will be brought low, and the … Continue reading

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Small Wonder Your Neighbor’s Can’t Be Bothered With Faith

90% of the Christians upset with developments this week will nonetheless contribute to social decline by showing their neighbors how little their own faith matters… tomorrow. When they stay home from worship. Again.  And proclaim to those same neighbors that … Continue reading

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The Cardinal Prophet

“The Left will tolerate no dissent. Convert or be destroyed (shunned, humiliated, forcefully unemployed, etc.)” – James Woods It’s almost like Mr Woods has been on the ‘Unofficial’ SBL facebook page in the last couple of days.  And the Cardinal … Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s Just the Simple Truths That are Most Profound

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Nero Would Feel Very Much At Home Today

Suetonius writes Besides the abuse of free-born lads, and the debauch of married women, he committed a rape upon Rubria, a Vestal Virgin. He was upon the point of marrying Acte, his freedwoman, having suborned some men of consular rank … Continue reading

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Zwingli the Translator of the Bible

There’s a great little essay in Nota Bene that you ought to take a look at.  It’s about Zwingli and the Bible translation and exposition he did.  It’s grandly done.

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It’s Time For America To Stop Lying to Itself

It’s time to remove ‘In God We Trust’ from its every government appearance.  Because it’s a lie.  This country doesn’t trust God, listen to God, believe in God. It needs to stop mocking God with such a patently false outrageously … Continue reading

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Last Call for Carnival Submissions

The Contrarian Carnival of Biblical Studies Bloggings will go live on 1 July at exactly, and I mean exactly 12:01 a.m.  If you’ve seen something that you think merits inclusion (in these oh so inclusionary times), pass along a note. … Continue reading

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The ‘Official’ Wedding of Luther

When Martin and Katie Luther were married on June 13, it was a small, private ceremony. Even their closest relatives were unable to attend. The newlyweds soon were ready to celebrate with their extended group of friends and family. On … Continue reading

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BibleWorks 10: Photos of the Holy Land

This may be one of the best features of the new program.  The resource is extremely easy to find: The available photos are all listed on the left panel and users can also search for whatever is of interest: Once … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“Love wins”, as a slogan, expresses not support for gay marriage, but contempt for its opponents. It’s designed to outrage. – Mr Scientism

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Today With Zwingli

The next step in the advance towards the Reformation in Zurich was the simplification of the breviary as used in the cathedral. This went into effect on June 27, 1520. Those of the clergy that adhered to the regular church … Continue reading

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