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Quote of the Day

Wir sind nicht hinterhältig, noch verfälschen wir das Wort Gottes, sondern, indem wir die Wahrheit offenbar machen, empfehlen wir uns einem jeden menschlichen Gewissen vor Gott.  Sollte unser Evangelium aber dennoch verhüllt sein, so ist es doch nur verhüllt für … Continue reading

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The Cranachs on Deutsche Welle

Go here to watch the video segment.  It’s a delight.  With thanks to the Cranach folk on the facebook for the tip.

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What do The Phrase “The Right Side of History” And the Analogia Entis Have in Common?

Both are inventions of the Antichrist.  The former because the Christian must confess ‘It is more important to please God than man’ and the latter because God in his wholly otherness cannot be diminished by comparisons.

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The Far Left’s Tyranny and Its Contempt for Freedom

The damnable one sided ‘freedom’ of the far left which constantly bellows ‘freedom (to marry whatever, etc.)’ has as its whispered subtext ‘just so long as you agree with me.  If you don’t I will silence you’. Such is demonic. … Continue reading

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SBL, Facebook, and an ‘Unofficial’ Page: A Question Or Two

SBL dispensed with its Facebook presence (I have no idea why and as far as I know the explanation SBL offered isn’t really very convincing).  That vacuum created the opportunity for one Matt Perkins to set up an ‘unofficial’ page … Continue reading

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Konrad Schmid’s Crash Course in Protestant Theology

Take 30 minutes and watch this fantastic interview: Go here (it’s home page rather than its Facebook appearance) and give it a look. Die Bibel lesen – sie verstehen – sie interpretieren – sich von ihr inspirieren lassen – ihr Wort … Continue reading

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The Intersection of Faith and Law: A Conversation With Timothy George

Listen here:  It’s a relevant discussion given the impending decision of the Supreme Court regarding same sex ‘marriage’.

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It’s The Only One They Will Ever Want, or Need

The only commentary your church members will ever need. Or want. Or use. Or thank you for.  Is this one.

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Thanks, #Facebook- You’re not Working. Again. For the Second Day.

You’re down, again, in the South.  I’m starting to think you’re being more than a little racist in your outages.

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Fabian Frei is Leaving Basel

He writes on facebook- Liebe FCB-Fans Abschied von Euch zu nehmen tut besonders weh. Ich möchte es mir nicht nehmen lassen, euch ganz herzlich zu danken für die tolle Unterstützung. Ihr seid ein fantastisches Publikum und im wahrsten Sinne des … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Thinks the Earth is His Sis… Panentheist

I agree with this chap- The pope thinks we should view the earth as our sister. I don’t, mainly because I have a sister. While my sister and I have had our disagreements over the years, I haven’t spent my … Continue reading

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EP Sanders to Release Large Volume on Paul Nov 2015 (Gupta)

Originally posted on Crux Sola:
E.P. Sanders was one of the most influential scholars in the late 20th century to contribute to the study of Paul and his Jewish environment, not to mention his many works on Jesus and Judaism.…

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