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Quote of the Day

St PaulWir sind nicht hinterhältig, noch verfälschen wir das Wort Gottes, sondern, indem wir die Wahrheit offenbar machen, empfehlen wir uns einem jeden menschlichen Gewissen vor Gott.  Sollte unser Evangelium aber dennoch verhüllt sein, so ist es doch nur verhüllt für die, die verloren gehen.  Ihnen, die nicht glauben, hat der Gott dieser Weltzeit die Gedanken verfinstert, dass sie das Licht nicht sehen, das aufleuchtet durch die Verkündigung des Evangeliums von der Herrlichkeit Christi, der Gottes Ebenbild ist.  –  Paul of Tarsus – (2 Cor. 4:2-4)

The Cranachs on Deutsche Welle


Go here to watch the video segment.  It’s a delight.  With thanks to the Cranach folk on the facebook for the tip.

What do The Phrase “The Right Side of History” And the Analogia Entis Have in Common?

Both are inventions of the Antichrist.  The former because the Christian must confess ‘It is more important to please God than man’ and the latter because God in his wholly otherness cannot be diminished by comparisons.

The Far Left’s Tyranny and Its Contempt for Freedom

The damnable one sided ‘freedom’ of the far left which constantly bellows ‘freedom (to marry whatever, etc.)’ has as its whispered subtext ‘just so long as you agree with me.  If you don’t I will silence you’.

Such is demonic.  Such is the very sort of tyranny which the Founders railed against.  Such is the hypocrisy of american left wing ideology.

The far left isn’t at all interested in freedom.  It’s interest is in the acquisition of power, dominance, and control.  Pity the fool in America who can’t distinguish authentic freedom from the emasculated enslaved pseudo-‘freedom’ of the screeching left.

SBL, Facebook, and an ‘Unofficial’ Page: A Question Or Two

SBL dispensed with its Facebook presence (I have no idea why and as far as I know the explanation SBL offered isn’t really very convincing).  That vacuum created the opportunity for one Matt Perkins to set up an ‘unofficial’ page for SBL.

Now this isn’t really a problem for me, except for the fact that Matt Perkins isn’t a member of SBL.  Why would a person with no connection to SBL want to set up an SBL page?  Why would SBL abandon its page in the first place?

What’s going on down in Atlanta that SBL seems to be ok with someone who isn’t even a member utilizing its name (even if unofficially)?  I wouldn’t sit by while someone put up an ‘unofficial’ ‘Jim West’ page.  No matter how ‘unofficial’ a page is, the mere use of a name invariably connects what’s seen there with the name of the individual or society of that name.

As a member (for a very long time) of SBL, I’m not so sure I like the notion of someone setting up a facebook page just for the jollies of it and using the Society’s name for it.

Years back before the Catholic Biblical Association i put together a facebook group.  I thought it important that CBA have a facebook presence and, given the fact that I was both a member of CBA AND a member of the ‘Computer Committee’, I went ahead with it.  But if I had never so much as become a member of CBA I can’t imagine wanting to ‘intrude’ into its ‘internal affairs’.

I wish SBL had a facebook presence.  But since they’ve apparently decided not to, I don’t really like the fact that someone has taken it upon himself to set one up.  Especially since said person has no connection to the Society at all.

I’m a bit offended.

So, SBL, what are you going to do?

Konrad Schmid’s Crash Course in Protestant Theology

Take 30 minutes and watch this fantastic interview:


Go here (it’s home page rather than its Facebook appearance) and give it a look.

Die Bibel lesen – sie verstehen – sie interpretieren – sich von ihr inspirieren lassen – ihr Wort befolgen oder sie verfilmen: Es gibt ganz unterschiedliche Arten, mit der Bibel umzugehen. Gibt es die eine richtige?

Das Buch der Bücher ist weltweit ein Bestseller. Gleichzeitig nimmt hierzulande das Wissen über die Bibel stetig ab. Verlieren biblische Texte ihre Kraft und Verbindlichkeit, wenn sie nach der historisch-kritischen Methode zerlegt werden? Hat die Bibel überhaupt die Aufgabe, Glauben zu vermitteln oder ist sie einfach ein Abbild ihrer Zeit? Ist die Geschichte der Bibel wesentlicher als ihre Geschichten?

Im Gespräch mit dem Bibelwissenschaftler Konrad Schmid von der Universität Zürich geht Amira Hafner-Al Jabaji diesen und weiteren Fragen nach.

Die Sendung ist auf DVD erhältlich. Bestellungen bitte direkt an:sternkopien@srf.ch.

The Intersection of Faith and Law: A Conversation With Timothy George

Listen here:  It’s a relevant discussion given the impending decision of the Supreme Court regarding same sex ‘marriage’.


It’s The Only One They Will Ever Want, or Need

The only commentary your church members will ever need. Or want. Or use. Or thank you for.  Is this one.


Thanks, #Facebook- You’re not Working. Again. For the Second Day.

You’re down, again, in the South.  I’m starting to think you’re being more than a little racist in your outages.


Fabian Frei is Leaving Basel

He writes on facebook-

Liebe FCB-Fans

Abschied von Euch zu nehmen tut besonders weh. Ich möchte es mir nicht nehmen lassen, euch ganz herzlich zu danken für die tolle Unterstützung. Ihr seid ein fantastisches Publikum und im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes der zwölfte Mann auf dem Platz. Für mich waren es unglaublich erfolgreiche und wunderschöne Jahre hier beim FC Basel. Champions League, Schweizer Meisterschaft und Cup, Nationalmannschaft – die Bühne im Basler Joggeli werde ich enorm vermissen.

Doch jeder Abschied bringt im Leben auch immer andere und neue Möglichkeiten mit sich. Die Bundesliga war schon lange mein Traum, nun wird er beim 1. FSV Mainz 05 wahr. Ich freue mich sehr auf die Herausforderung. Der grosse Dank geht an Euch, liebe Fans, an meine Mitspieler und den Club.

Euer Fabian

Well bummer.  Such a great player.  With such a great future.

Pope Francis Thinks the Earth is His Sis… Panentheist

I agree with this chap-

The pope thinks we should view the earth as our sister. I don’t, mainly because I have a sister. While my sister and I have had our disagreements over the years, I haven’t spent my entire life trying to stop her from killing me.  In the opening words of “Laudato si,” Pope Francis quotes a prayer of his Namesake-of-Assisi: “Praise be to you, my Lord, through our Sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, and who produces various fruit with coloured flowers and herbs.”

I don’t have a sister.  I don’t want one.  I don’t need one.  Anyway, the Pope’s encyclical is getting a lot of praise from the naturists and the folk who will kill lumberjacks to preserve the wood owls but the implicit panentheism of it all makes me a tad sick to my stomach.

I agree with the Francises that God created the earth to be our home, to feed us with the fruit of the trees, and to bring joy to our senses with the beauty of the mountains and the aroma of the lilies. However, when Christians consider climate change and environmental issues, it’s also important to remember that, according to the Bible, the fall into sin fundamentally damaged the harmonious relationship between man and the earth, resulting in a planet that frequently needs to be mastered and subdued if you don’t want the same beautiful mountains to bury you in an avalanche or some lily of the valley berries to make your guts explode.

Etc.  Great stuff.

EP Sanders to Release Large Volume on Paul Nov 2015 (Gupta)

Oh boy… More… Paul…………

Crux Sola

SandersE.P. Sanders was one of the most influential scholars in the late 20th century to contribute to the study of Paul and his Jewish environment, not to mention his many works on Jesus and Judaism. Someone recently posted on Facebook the news that Sanders has a new book on Paul coming this fall, Paul: The Apostle’s Life, Letters, and Thought (Fortress). According to the Amazon page, it will be a whopping 600+ pages!

Below is the basic information listed about the book.

Decades after setting the study of Paul on a profoundly new footing with Paul and Palestinian Judaism (Fortress Press, 1977), E. P. Sanders now offers an expansive introduction to the apostle, navigating some of the thorniest issues in scholarship in language accessible to the novice and seasoned scholar alike. Always careful to distinguish what we can know historically from what we may only conjecture, and these from dogmatically…

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