BibleWorks 10: The Greek Manuscripts

BibleWorks 10 is, as I’ve mentioned, perfectly suited to the primary purpose of exegetical work: exposition.  This is evidenced by the work put into the primary sources.

There are so many Greek resources available that it’s difficult to imagine exegetes requiring more:


Once researchers decide which text or texts one needs, on can then choose between the available ancient manuscripts included in the package:


The top right pane shows variants at a glance – a very, very useful part of the equation- and the bottom the selected ancient manuscript.  On the left is the text in its critical edition.  Where parallels and ancient manuscripts exist, they are easily summoned.



Looking more closely at the ancient manuscripts and parallels the benefits become immediately apparent.  What once were materials available only to researchers visiting far flung libraries across Europe is now accessible on your machine at home.  Biblical studies materials have been ‘democratized’ in the truest sense of the word.

Little more need be said about the Greek materials in BW10.  Users will be blown away by them.  Perhaps, to their great credit, they will even inspire students and scholars to spend more time in the text of the New Testament and less in secondary resources about the New Testament..

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