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Approaching the Issue of the Confederate Flag from the Wrong Angle: An Observation

Flags aren’t creators of human hearts.  Human hearts create flags.  Change the heart, change the flag.  Change the flag, change nothing.

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From Whence Inspiration: An Observation

In-spir-ation is the work of the Spirit.  You aren’t the Spirit.  The Spirit inspires.  You simply pass along what the Spirit gives you.  The Spirit gives life.  You don’t. People, especially preachers, need to stop telling people to be ‘inspiring’ … Continue reading

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The Righteous Are Sometimes Afflicted Whilst the Evil Seem to Prosper

Peter’s mother-in-law and Timothy, both constant in the work of the Lord, fall ill with fever; Herod and Nero, both unclean with all lewdness, revel in health. Thus is Providence that disposes all things free to use the one constantly … Continue reading

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The Barthians Have Assembled In Princeton…

Unaware that Barth’s greatest teacher was less than impressed with his former student’s quite poor work in his Romans eisegesis. If you see any Barthians pass it on…

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That’s how many wise people follow me on the twitter.  You can join the company of the blessed (so I can reach the big 2000).  Get thee up.  Get thee to paradise.

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Today With Zwingli- The Greatest of the Reformers and the Most Important Theologian Since Paul

On the 20th of June, 1527 (a Thursday) Huldrych Zwingli published another in his series of books aimed at correcting people’s misunderstandings concerning the Lord’s Supper.   Daß diese Wort – Das ist mein Leib, etc.   It focuses primarily on two … Continue reading

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Free for the Taking: Johannes van Oort (ed.), Gnostica, Judaica, Catholica. Collected Essays of Gilles Quispel

Just go here and get it for yourself if such things are up your alley of interests.  It’s really free and it’s really the whole book.  All 856 pages.

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Abbreviations in Inscriptions: A Guest Post by Gershon Galil

12 inscriptions of only one letter “aleph” (A), inscribed on pithoi were unearthed in Kuntillet ‘Ajrud – about fifty km south of Kadesh Barnea — among other numerous inscriptions dated to the end of the ninth century – beginning of … Continue reading

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