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Catholics And Their Encyclicals: Let the Hilarious And Utter Disregard Commence

I shall enjoy watching the papists take the church’s teaching on climate change as seriously as they do birth control and abortion.  Catholics in America take the teachings of the magisterium as seriously as Baptists take the Bible- which is … Continue reading

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Breakfast in Hell

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The Bizarre Tale of the SBL’s Facebook Presence

If you haven’t been keeping up, the SBL closed down its Facebook page a couple of weeks ago (without really any sensible or cogent explanation at all).  Facebook, though, hates a vacuum so someone put together an ‘unofficial’ page which … Continue reading

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Claremont Conference Grants for PhD Students

Each year the Claremont Annual Philosophy of Religion Conference brings together thinkers from different religions, traditions, and academic disciplines to discuss one particular theme in the fields of Religion, Theology and Philosophy of Religion. The theme of the 37th conference … Continue reading

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Rewritten Bible after Fifty Years: Texts, Terms, or Techniques? A Last Dialogue with Geza Vermes

Sidnie White Crawford has uploaded this essay to her Academia.edu page. It’s her contribution to a large volume honoring Geza Vermes. It’s really quite good.

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It’s Time To Say It…

If you can’t walk the streets without feeling like you have to be packing a gun, I have to ask- how much faith in God do you really have?  If fear controls you so- do you even believe?  When the … Continue reading

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Luther’s Thoughts on Emser

Look here! Is he not the greatest blasphemer ever known? Who indeed has ever heard more blasphemous, poisonous, hellish, heretical, raging, and nonsensical words than those Emser here pours from his poisonous and hellish mouth and lets stink to heaven? … Continue reading

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I Think the Charleston Church Shooter May Not Enjoy Prison Very Much…

But I think he will be very, very, very ‘popular’.

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He Sounds Like Bloggers I Know Who Talk About Books They’ve Never Read…

Blogger Who Wrote Scathing Post On ‘Laudato Si’ Considering Reading Encyclical For Himself. Catholic blogger Dermot McHenry, who wrote a scornful attack on Laudato Si yesterday, reported this morning that he was now about ready to consider actually reading the … Continue reading

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Archaeologists have not discovered an ‘Ancient Coin of the Canaanite Realm’

Originally posted on With Meagre Powers:
A recent news report has claimed that archaeologists have found an ‘Ancient Coin of the Canaanite Realm’. It’s a small metal object, oval in shape, dated to approximately the 14th century BC. You can see…

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Dear Attendees at SBL in Atlanta this November…

The Economist has this advice for foreign visitors re: guns- and it’s worth passing along (with thanks to David ‘The Mustachioed’ Creech on the twitter for it)

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Why Two Monitors Works So Well

In a picture- which is, they say, worth 1000 words- Zwingli’s text is on the left and my transcription is on the right.  The transcription will then be translated once I’ve finished transcribing.  Fun times.  And much easier on two … Continue reading

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At Zurich’s First Reformed University

Philip Schaff writes A theological college, called Carolinum, was established from the funds of the Great Minster, and opened June 19, 1525. It consisted of the collegium humanitatis, for the study of the ancient languages, philosophy and mathematics, and the … Continue reading

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Von der Lutherstatue bis zum Lutherfilm: Ein Vierteljahrhundert Lutherrezeption in Ungarn (1983-2008)

A very interesting essay for those of you who enjoy Reformation History- especially in the more obscure corners of the world.  The essay appeared in 2008 but it’s still worth your time.

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Racism’s Radical Terrorists

For Dylann Roof’s friends, talk of sparking a race war or wanting segregation reinstated was nothing new.  But then again, they didn’t think he was serious. After all, they had known him for years. “He never said the n-word, he never made … Continue reading

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