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Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Just Keep Producing Interesting Looking Things: Sprachloses Wort? Zur Kritik an Barths und Tillichs Worttheologie – von der Sprache her

Like this newly released book on Barth’s theology.  Who doesn’t want to read that? Joachim Ringlebens kritische Lektüre zweier einschlägiger Texte von K. Barth (KD I/1) und P. Tillich (1957) ergibt, dass beide Theologen den theologisch entscheidend wichtigen Begriff “Wort … Continue reading

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That’s Funny Right There

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The Poor: An Observation

The poor are oftentimes just as driven by greed and possessiveness as the wealthy.  It isn’t a matter of degree in their quest to obtain, it’s a matter of ability which differentiates the poor and the rich. There’s no moral … Continue reading

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This Generation Loves to Call Good Evil, and Evil Good

But such is not new.  Just ask Isaiah (5:20). Or Behold, thus does the god of this world blind such rebellious and contentious spirits, who so recklessly contend against the word of God and who do not obey the truth, … Continue reading

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If You Can Redefine Marriage. ..

And Bruce Jenner can redefine sexuality then Rachel Dolezal can redefine race.   Of course the problem with all those redefinitions is that none are based in biological or evolutionary fact. None are ‘real’ in terms of replication.

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I’ll Be Dead before Jesus Is…

At least before John P. Meier gets to the death of Jesus in his projected 2 volume but now 5 volume and still not to the death of Jesus yet series ‘A Marginal Jew’. But I have to say, I’m … Continue reading

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Jewish Calls For Churches to Apologize for Luther’s Anti-Jewish Writings

Herman Selderhuis tackles the subject in a radio interview, here.  Give it a listen.

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Antonio Takes the Silly Claim of the IAA to Task

In his brief yet accurate post concerning the IAA’s claim that the newly disclosed second Qeiyafa inscription has Davidic connections (i.e., is from the ‘time of David’).

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Quote of the Day

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The Newly Designed Website of the Zwingliverein

Be sure to pay it a visit.  And while you’re there, why not join the Society.  It’s the best in the world.

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The Great Sachsen-Anhalt Folk Have Done it Again

They’ve sent a packet of awesome stuff including pamphlets, a book, a magazine and postcards (which I’ll use as bookmarks because there’s no way I’m parting with a Cranach postcard).  Thanks, you Saxons! (You should like the Sachsen-Anhalt folk on … Continue reading

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The IAA’s ‘Big Announcement’ Today Is Old News: The Second Qeiyafa Inscription… Again

Joseph Lauer writes Today, Tuesday, June 16, 2015, the IAA circulated English and Hebrew press releases announcing that “A Rare Inscription from the Time of King David was Discovered in the Valley of Elah”. The English release is titled “Who … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli: ‘Artikel des Friedens’ and the First Kappel ‘War’

Throughout Zwingli’s time in Zurich his Catholic foes were itching to rid the Cantons of his influence.  Their efforts naturally extended into the political realm and as a result by 1529 things were coming to a head.  In early June, … Continue reading

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There and That Too

Create Your Own Visited Countries Map

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Been There, Done That

Create Your Own Visited States Map

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