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Ibn Ali Takes Dick Dawkins Down With Just One Tweet

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A Daily Dose of Erasmus

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The Matthean Tomb of Jesus in Recent Archaeology

Antonio ‘The Turin Shroud Shredder’ Lombatti writes L’argomento del corso monografico di Archeologia Biblica del prossimo anno accademico sarà Gesù e l’archeologia. Una panoramica delle scoperte più significative del periodo romano rispetto a ciò che raccontano i vangeli canonici e … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Ubi tres Medici, duo Athei – Erasmus

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Bob and Rachel Dolezal

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Luther’s Condemnation of Prosperity

If your aim is to make Luther unpopular to Americans, or prosperity preachers, or the greedy, just read them this quote: “Where there’s prosperity there are all sorts of sins, for: Property produces effrontery, Effrontery produces poverty, Poverty produces humility. … Continue reading

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‘My Church’? Nope

Nothing indicates the modern misunderstanding of the church more than the phrase ‘my church’.  If you say ‘my church’ instead of ‘the church I’m at’ or ‘the church I serve’ or ‘the church of which I am a member’ then … Continue reading

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Call For Submissions

Send along your submissions for the upcoming all encompassing universally valid world famous only significant biblioblog carnival. Don’t miss out.  Remember- if it isn’t mentioned here, the only one who reads your post is your mother.

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Apocryphal Luther?

I saw this today and I liked it but I’m always wary of things attributed to Luther or the others that they didn’t really say.  So I checked and it’s nowhere to be found in the English edition of his … Continue reading

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Christian Commitment: An Observation

I’m more than happy to take your claims of adherence to the Christian faith seriously.  When you do.

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Wisdom from A.T. Robertson: An Excerpt From his Lecture to Pastors

It’s a crying shame that Pastors, once the most learned persons to be found in many communities, now value learning so little and prefer to be administrators and marketers instead of teachers of the Word.  The state of the Church … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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CNN’s Anchors Are as Bad As Fox News’s: Fredricka Whitfield Thinks the Dallas Cop Shooter was Brave and Courageous

During a discussion on the Dallas Police headquarters shooting this afternoon, CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield appears to have really misspoken in referring to the gunman’s actions as “courageous and brave.” Whitfield was speaking to CNN legal analyst Philip Holloway when … Continue reading

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FIFA’s Corrupt Head May Stay On Anyway: Sepp Blatter May Not Resign

Sepp Blatter may seek to stay on as the president of Fifa despite announcing his decision to stand down just last month. According to a report in Swiss newspaper, Schweiz am Sonntag, Blatter has received messages of support from African … Continue reading

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1,765 years ago today – a father and his 2 children, a local temple, assembled witnesses… (P.Oxy.iv.658)

Originally posted on Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception:
Exactly on this day, 1,765 years ago, in a small town in central Egypt, a father accompanied by his daughter and son entered the local temple and there,…

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