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The Telegraph Wants to Give Antonio Lombatti a Stroke

The Turin Shroud is not a medieval forgery, as has long been claimed, but could in fact date from the time of Christ’s death, a new book claims. Sorry, but yeah, it is a silly piece of raggings. Claims to … Continue reading

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The Followers of Folly Compared With the Followers of Wisdom

Folly speaking to Wisdom (in ‘In Praise of Folly)- Look how your hard plodding students, by a close sedentary confinement to their books, grow mopish, pale, and meagre, as if by a continual wrack of brains, and torture of invention, … Continue reading

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Rearranging, Reshelving, And Adding Feet of Shelf Space Thereby

I’ve spent a few hours rearranging and reshelving so that I could fit two more cases in the study.  It’s exhausting.  Here, nonetheless are the results.  And now, I need some ibuprofen.  I think I’ve torn my arm out.

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Erasmus: On Friendship and Pity

“Pity and friendship are passions incompatible with each other; and it is impossible that both can reside in any breast, for the smallest space of time, without impairing each other. Friendship is made up of esteem and pleasure, but pity … Continue reading

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It’s Odd, Isn’t It, How Ancient Proverbs Have Timeless Relevance…

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Luther’s Opinion of Henry VIII, King of England

[This] King has shown by public action that he has fallen from the gospel and, even more, that he has revealed his hypocritical pretense. By no means would we have fared well with him, for we would have had to … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

As a bird hoppeth from tree to tree, so do the honours and riches of this world from man to man, Let Job and Nebuchadnezzar testify this truth, who fell from great wealth to great want. No man can promise … Continue reading

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Who is A True Friend?

You would count him unworthy of the name of a friend who, knowing a thief or an incendiary to lurk in your family, with a design to kill, or rob, or burn your house, would conceal it from you and … Continue reading

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St Luke, The Artist

Most folk are familiar with the tradition that Luke was a Physician.  But did you know that he has also been, in the history of Reception, an artist? Rogier van der Weyden 1399/1400 – 1464 St Luke Drawing the Virgin … Continue reading

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Thanks To Barth’s Inappropriate Generalization…

That ‘Jesus is the answer.  Now, what’s the question’…

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BibleWorks 10: The Review Series

Bibleworks 10 arrived some time back (thanks to Jim Barr) for review.  Given the fact that the program is immense and the new features extensive, nothing less than a fairly large review will do it justice or be fair to … Continue reading

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Did You Know that Judas Was a Practical Joker? A Prankster? Yup

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My Next Project: A Motivational Book!

Chris Tilling thinks I could also work as a motivational speaker / writer and he’s said: write a motivational book! “Your face. Pity about that, eh? Nothing you can do about it, well get over it and read Zwingli” Brilliant!

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To Him Who Has Ears to Hear…

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A Forthcoming Book on the Reformation by Yale University’s Carlos Eire

YUP hasn’t posted it on their website yet, but here’s the title so you can keep an eye out for it: Reformations: Early Modern Europe 1450-1650 by Carlos Eire, to be published in January 2016.  I confess that I’ve not … Continue reading

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Zwingli’s Move to Einsiedeln, and the Death of his Brother James

On 13 June, 1517 Zwingli wrote his friend Vadian “I have changed my residence, not at the stimulus of desire or of avarice, but because of the wiles of the French; and now I am at Einsiedeln.… What disaster that … Continue reading

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Simcha (and Others) are Appearing at IdeaCity in a few Days

If you’d like to attend, here are the details: Mid-June is the l6th incarnation of ideacity, an annual event created by media mogul Moses Znaimer. This year it runs for three days starting June 17 at Koerner Hall. Every year … Continue reading

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