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Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Like Christians… Or Razors…

I wonder what the connection is…  I’m guessing that it has to do with the fact that she is a fan of weird instability. Thank you so much for your hairy exhibitionism.

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Quote of the Day

Although our biblical texts span a good many centuries, the language in which they are written presents an astonishing degree of uniformity. But this uniformity is not manifested to the same degree in all aspects of the language: orthography, phonetics/phonology, morphology, … Continue reading

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Calvin and the Book: The Evolution of the Printed Word in Reformed Protestantism

Coming soon: The contributors, international experts on the history of Calvin and Reformed Protestantism and on Calvin’s theology, bring a wide variety of historical and theological approaches to bear on the question of Calvin’s relationship to the printed word. Taken … Continue reading

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I Know I Make You Angry

And honestly, it’s alright with me.  Here’s why: Your personal beliefs, acts, actions, and activities are between you and God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth. Nonetheless, when you hijack, misrepresent, distort, or lie about the History of Christianity, Scripture, … Continue reading

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Rachel Held Evans Walks into a Church In Britain… What Happens Next is Fantastic

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And The Winner of this Year’s “Most Inappropriate and Historically Inaccurate Use of the Word ‘Reformation'” Goes To…. Rachel Held Evans and Her Cohort

It’s as though they sat down and thought “hmmm…. what can we call our gathering that will both misuse the notion of Reformation and bastardize the historical movement which occurred in the 16th century which sought to purify and improve … Continue reading

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A New Project: Translating Zwingli’s “Actio[n] oder Brauch des Nachtmals”

I’m excited about this one:  I’ll be translating Zwingli’s Actio[n] oder Brauch des Nachtmals, Gedechtnus, oder Dancksagung Christi wie sy auff Osteren zu[o] Zürich angehebt wirt, jm Jar alls man zalt M.D. XXV. It has, to my knowledge, never been translated … Continue reading

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Julius Africanus: One Interesting Fellow!

Originally posted on Larry Hurtado's Blog:
In working on my current book project (working title:  “What Made Early Christianity Distinctive in the Roman World?”), I again came across references to Julius Africanus, a figure I’d seen referenced before but…

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Now the HuffPo (Which Knows Nothing of Theology) Is Offering Advice to Pastors…

Because?  Well who knows.  But evidently they think Pastors are somehow obliged to adopt the agenda of the HuffPo and its editors. Anyway, if you’re a Pastor and you are so empty-headed that you actually need sermon starters from HuffPo- … Continue reading

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Someone Else to Follow on the Twitter

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Poor Miley Cyrus- She’s So Untalented as a Singer She Must Constantly Find Publicity in Bizarre Behavior

Earlier today,Paper announced actress, activist, former Disney Channel star, and immensely talented singer Miley Cyrus as its Summer 2015 cover star. In her interview with the magazine, Cyrus discussed veganism, politics, and the importance of treating everyone with respect — and we loved what … Continue reading

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Overcoming Evil Requires Knowing Evil’s Schemes

At least that’s how various theologians in the history of Christianity have understood things: Satan loves a wagging tongue.  Especially when it wags hardest when it should be most still.  – CH Spurgeon The first man revolted against the authority … Continue reading

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Charlotte von Kirschbaum’s ‘Church Dogmatics’ is on Sale for a Mere $99

I’ve had to correct CBD’s copy: Charlotte v. K’s Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics is, arguably, the SECOND most important theological publication of the 20th Century. Reacting against staunchly entrenched German Idealism, CvK Barth sought to articulate a Christian theology that took … Continue reading

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Hate That Which God Hates: Advice from St. Jerome

I beseech you, dearly beloved, and by the love which I feel towards you, I implore you—as though it were my own members on which I would have pity—by word and letter to fulfil that which is written, “Do not … Continue reading

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The Myth of Scholarly Objectivity Debunked

Sometimes scholars enjoy pretending objectivity.  They assume an air of detachment and would portray themselves as willing to listen and to accept differing well founded reasonable viewpoints with an open mind and equanimity And some actually manage to live their … Continue reading

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That Doesn’t Look Like Jesus…

It looks like one of those talking tree people things from the Lord of the Rings.  Oh, sorry, I’m referring to this post of Antonio’s where he talks about another Jesus sighting.  At Ikea…

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Angry Anabaptists

When the Zurich council ordered the re-baptizers to allow their infants to be baptized according to custom and practice and with Zwingli’s theological support, they (the anabaptists) refused. That’s when all hell broke loose- literally- as the rebaptizers took to … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of James Crossley

You didn’t know this about JC-

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