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Be Yourself… But Not if You’re a Devout Christian, Right Bruce Jenner?

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Images From Bullinger’s ‘Reformationsgeschichte’

Take a look at various of them here.  Here’s a sampling:

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Profound Wisdom From Thomas Aquinas

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Imagining The Chief Theologians of the Reformation in Discussions With The Papists

Take a close look and you’ll see that the Reformers have Scripture open before them and the Papists nothing more than those things invented by papists.

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Tony Campolo Wants to be the World’s Friend

“It has taken countless hours of prayer, study, conversation and emotional turmoil to bring me to the place where I am finally ready to call for the full acceptance of Christian gay couples into the Church,” he wrote in a … Continue reading

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The Official Photos of Thomas Römer at Tel Aviv University

Some months back I learned, and shared, that Après Bill Clinton (en 2002) et Angela Merkel (en 2011), c’est au tour de Thomas Römer de se voir décerner un doctorat honoris causa de l’Université de Tel-Aviv. Professeur d’Ancien Testament à l’Université de Lausanne … Continue reading

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It Looks Like SBL Has Been Selling our Email Addresses, Again

Dear SBL Members, Like many of you I got this email today: Do you feel that your current writing tools are letting you down when it comes to preparing biblical literature? Well we do, so we’ve done something about it. … Continue reading

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The 2017 Meeting of Refo500

It will not be much of a surprise that the annual RefoRC Conference 2017 will take place in Wittenberg. The Leucorea Foundation will host the conference and the topic will be “More than Luther: The Reformation and the Rise of … Continue reading

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The Things That Happen In Heaven When ‘Universalism’ Is Discussed

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More Primary Material from Calvin’s Geneva

Droz Publishers write Grâce au bulletin de commande ci-joint, commandez les Registres du Consistoire de Genève au temps de Calvin. Tome IX (15 février 1554 – 31 janvier 1555) et profitez des frais de port offerts jusqu’au 31 juillet 2015 … Continue reading

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Well Done, ‘Sex Ed’…

America, welcome to your future.  It’s already here.  Immorality, modern style, laced with the sort of ‘intelligent’ practitioners of intimacy America deserves: via ‘You Had One Job’ on Twitter

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The Removal of Idols From the Churches of Zurich

Zwingli’s reforming efforts were in full swing in June of 1524 and the images which besotted the city’s churches were removed at the order of the Magistrates. As Philip Schaff notes In the presence of a deputation from the authorities … Continue reading

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Very Sad News: Jacobovici Has Triumphed in his Suit of Joe Zias

Lod District Court (Lod, Israel) – After 4 years in court, Judge Jacob Sheinman handed down a landmark decision today in my libel suit filed against former Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) curator Joseph Zias. And then Simcha proceeds to gloat. … Continue reading

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