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Karl Barth’s Historic Visit with Martin Luther King Jr.

Little did we know….

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Call For Papers: The PEF and the Early Exploration of the Holy Land

Via Jack Sasson1 Call for Papers PEF and the Early Exploration of the Holy Land  The Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF) is the oldest exploration society of the Levant. Since its establishment in 1865, PEF scholars have engaged in pioneering work in many … Continue reading

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Seemingly, The Vast Majority of Christians…

Aren’t all that interested in putting on sackcloth and dusting themselves with ashes.  They, rather, want to be wrapped in baby blankets and to suck the teat till its completely dry and then complain that they’ve been fed poorly.

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How To Do, And How Not to Do Theology

How not to do theology – assert that you “have a particular view of God” and ignore the fact that it has no basis in Scripture.  But go on to note that others should accept it anyway. How to do theology … Continue reading

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Another Reason to Go to the German Kirchentag

You get to see what have to be the best inflatables ever created!  Who wouldn’t want to run up and hug inflated Zwingli and inflated Calvin? I’d put these guys on the front lawn. The Zurichers are rocking the Kirchentag!

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How Come Those Who Talk Most About Being ‘Tolerant’ Are the Most Intolerant?

It’s not my policy to unfriend people on facebook or unfollow people on twitter simply because they have different views of social issues. The same can’t be said of those who unfriend me or unfollow me because of their disagreements … Continue reading

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Pentebabbleist Mega Church Hillsong Doesn’t Want Self Aggrandizing Heretic Mark Driscoll on its Program…

The head of Pentecostal mega-church Hillsong has dropped US preacher Mark Driscoll from the lineup of the church’s 2015 Australian and UK conferences, saying furore around his controversial sermons – including some describing women as “penis houses” – would be … Continue reading

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Right? No, Really, Really Wrong

There’s something demonic about the desire of so many to be ‘on the right side of history’ whilst caring not to be on the wrong side of God.

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Luther’s Faith

If God Himself appeared to me in His majesty and said: “You are not worthy of My grace; I will change My plan and not keep My promise to you,” I would not have to yield to Him, but it … Continue reading

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Those Who Love God Aren’t All That Common: An Observation

The number of people who love, genuinely self sacrificially, love God, is shockingly and appallingly small.

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Toadying Flaccid Cowardice: An Observation

God have mercy on you if you base your moral acts on what your opponents call ‘the right side of history’. You are a slave to others’ ideas.  You are a coward.

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The Birth of Luther’s First Child

June 7, 1526: Katie Luther gave birth to the Luthers’ first child Johannes, known as Hans. He was named after Martin’s father and also great family friend Pastor Johannes Bugenhagen. It was Bugenhagen who lifted the child from the baptismal … Continue reading

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Christian Brady’s “Biblical Theology of Suffering”

Christian notes In the spring of 2015 I was invited by the Graduation Christian Fellowship and Chesterton House of Cornell University to lecture on suffering. Below, collected on one page for convenience, are the links to several posts of the … Continue reading

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David in Scholarship and the Media

ASOR has posted this good essay on that topic- Oh how the mighty had fallen! As our college Juan Manuel Tebes recently described here on the ASOR blog, the too-and-fro over the historicity of David and Solomon’s kingdom may recently … Continue reading

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That Chart Won’t Really Work

James McGrath has posted this: The chart is wrong for one simple reason- not all fundamentalists are dependent on english translations of the bible.  Indeed, a number of fundamentalists are very engaged in reading the Bible in Hebrew, Aramaic, and … Continue reading

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Powerful People Are Powerful Whiners

You’re being treated unfairly at work. How do you react — voice your concerns or stay quiet? That reaction may indicate whether you’re a powerful or powerless person, a study says, but it could also explain how inequality is maintained … Continue reading

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