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If people were 1/10th as interested in their spiritual well being as they are with their physical well being there would never be an end to the daily inflow of converts and there would never be an empty seat in … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“The ungodly world… are incensed in a mad mood against the church & the Kingdom of Christ in the world” – David Dickson

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Theological Fail!


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State Sponsored Racism

Hundreds of Palestinian high school students demonstrated in front of Israel’s Ministry of Education last week, protesting government attempts to force private Christian schools into the state system by starving them of funds. Christian schools in Israel have a reputation … Continue reading

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There, In Berea…

Dort war man ihnen freundlicher gesinnt als in Thessalonich. Sie nahmen das Wort mit grosser Bereitschaft auf und forschten Tag für Tag in den Schriften, ob es sich so verhalte. (Acts 17:11 ZUR) Diese waren freundlicher als die in Thessalonich. … Continue reading

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What Do You Call A Person Who Only Acts Repentant to Avoid Punishment?

Or, to state it more fully, what do you call… a singular penitent, without repentance and without scruple, assuming a contrite air and confessing his faults solely because he hoped in that way to secure exemption from punishment. Tertullian called … Continue reading

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Citation Without Attribution: It’s OK For Profs But Don’t Let Students Get Away With It

Sean Winter writes News has come through, via Facebook and Twitter, of the death of Lou Martyn. I never met Martyn, even though I attended the 2012 Princeton Conference on Romans 5–8 for which he was something of a ‘patron saint’ … Continue reading

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Martin Breitenfeldt Discusses the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

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A Brief Interview With Gottfried Locher

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Reformation Day 2015 at Emory

Reformation Day at Emory 2015 The twenty-eighth Reformation Day at Emory will be held on Thursday, October 22, and takes as its theme, Scripture and Reform: The Ten Commandments as Jewish Law, Christian Gospel, and Civic Code. This year’s program explores the … Continue reading

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SPCK is on the Twitter

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BibleWorks 10: A Multipart Review

I appreciate James Barr sending along not only a review copy here but he has also sent Moises Silva a copy for a review to appear in SJOT which I am keenly interested in seeing. More anon.

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