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“Periscope Theology”©

‘Periscope theology’ – live brief explanations of theological issues by yours truly. Install periscope and follow my twitter handle on that app (available for iphone or android).  @drjewest.  And if you have any topics you’d like covered, let me know. … Continue reading

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Systematic Theology- By A Woman Person!

It shouldn’t be odd, but it is, when a woman publishes a Systematic Theology.  Fortress is publishing just such a thing and interviews the woman person author-ess here. Katherine Sonderegger is about to launch the first volume of her Systematic … Continue reading

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American Sexual Morality: An Observation

The way a lot of people behave sexually, they more closely resemble a public toilet than the imago dei.  The way people degrade themselves and cheapen their most intimate attributes is stunning.

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Dear Atlanta… You’re Trying to Kill Me…

Not only have a number of your citizens swerved right in front of me with inches to spare but your horrific traffic makes it impossible to turn left… into any restaurant.  And all your eating establishments are on the left. … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement

International Conference: Diversité and rabbinisation: Textes et sociétés dans le judaïsme entre 400 et 1000 de notre ère. All the details are here.

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Dear Atlanta…

Your traffic is horrific. Why are so many of you driving around in the middle of the day???? Get thee to work! Thanks, A Visitor not used to horrific traffic.

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My Absolute Favorite Tiq Soph…

Is Job 2:9 בָּרֵךְ אֱלֹהִים וָמֻת Job’s wife doesn’t actually say ‘bless God and die’ she says ‘curse God and die!’ but the scribes couldn’t tolerate the notion of anyone cursing God, so they changed the text to something more … Continue reading

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Flat Earth Luther

Luther should have stuck with theology and left science alone. There was mention of a certain new astrologer* who wanted to prove that the earth moves and not the sky, the sun, and the moon. This would be as if … Continue reading

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Creflo be gettin’ his Jet…

It’s their money and they can spend it on a $65 million jet if they want to, the board of directors for Creflo Dollar’s ministry said. “We plan to acquire a Gulfstream G650 because it is the best, and it … Continue reading

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The ‘Rogue Nation’ Trailer… I Cannot Wait for This Movie

Yeah I’m really looking forward to this one! Who wants to go with?

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Another Inscription from Qeiyafa: ʾIšbaʿal

Joseph Lauer writes A second inscription discovered at Khirbet Qeiyafa has been published in the new issue of the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, pp. 217-233.  See Yosef Garfinkel, Mitka R. Golub, Haggai Misgav and Saar Ganor, … Continue reading

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