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Οἱ τὴν οἰκουμένην ἀναστατώσαντες…

Once upon a time Christians were described as  Οἱ τὴν οἰκουμένην ἀναστατώσαντες.  Not anymore.  These days they’re more likely to be known as ‘those who roll over and play dead whenever a little societal pressure is placed on them’.

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“When people accept the absurd as normal, the culture is decadent.” — Jacques Barzun

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Calvin on the Chiliasts and the Return of Christ

Not only did Satan stupefy the senses of mankind [concerning the return of Christ], so that with their bodies they buried the remembrance of the resurrection; but he also managed by various fictions so to corrupt this branch of doctrine … Continue reading

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Another ‘End of the World’ Prediction: Nutbaggery Lives on After Harold Camping

A facebook group- populated by, at this point, 641 lunatics – dedicated to a discussion of the ‘end of the world’ slated for this October 7th 2015 has cropped up… Bless their simpleton, unscriptural, theologically ignorant Strong’s Concordance consulting hearts… … Continue reading

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On The Propriety of Self Designation: An Observation

If Bruce Jenner can call himself a woman I can call myself a blessing and you don’t have any right to disagree with me.

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As You, Over the Next Months, Prepare for #aarsbl15…

Do make note of this important truth:  if you find yourself in a session whereat folk look like the people on the right, you’ve accidentally stumbled into an AAR session. Doubtless you’ll be able to know in advance that you’re … Continue reading

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If You Are Flying to Atlanta for #aarsbl15 Don’t Be Surprised if You See A Gun Toter Wandering Around the Airport

You foreign folk especially may find the situation to be jarring.  Fear not, it’s just ‘Merica.  And the South.  And Georgia where they recently debated a law requiring every citizen to own a gun… A Georgia man walked into Hartsfield–Jackson … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Wo haß ist, da hat man nit sorg für einandren. — Huldrych Zwingli

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Chris Tilling is Now Appearing in Theaters Across America!

Under the title “The Life and Times of Chris Tilling- Brit”!   This is super exciting!

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It’s Time For the Super Big Super Awesome Super Cool Announcement of the Big News (For Me)

I’ve been invited to lecture at Ming Hua Theological College in Hong Kong this January as their January Term Guest Lecturer at the behest of the Principal of the College, Gareth Jones, who will be my host. I’m exceedingly honored … Continue reading

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Another Excellent Essay on the Pushy Power Grabbing Leftism of American Trans Politics : “Call me Caitlyn or else”

The full title of the essay is Call me Caitlyn or else: the rise of authoritarian transgender politics It begins The Vanity Fair photo of Bruce Jenner in a boob-enhancing swimsuit is being described as iconic. Bruce, one-time American athlete, … Continue reading

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Calling Bruce Jenner a Woman is an Insult to Women

Matt Walsh writes Parents, be aware: soon the magazine rack in the checkout line at the supermarket will featurethis profoundly disturbing image of Bruce Jenner. The picture is plastered right on the cover of the next Vanity Fair issue, and it … Continue reading

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«Die Ehe ist reserviert für Mann und Frau»

Im Auftrag von Papst Franziskus befragte die Schweizerische Bischofskonferenz die Gläubigen zu den Themen Ehe und Familie. Ist es nicht riskant, dadurch Hoffnungen zu wecken, welche die Bischofssynode im Herbst in Rom kaum wird erfüllen können? Dass es hohe Erwartungen … Continue reading

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