Good Riddance to Sepp Blatter

FIFA’s head is resigning.  Good.  It’s about time.  But he should leave today.  Not tomorrow, and not at some point in the future. Today.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced on Tuesday that he asked the organization to call together a special congress so that he may step down and a new president be elected.

It’s a stunning development for the president of soccer’s largest organizing body. Blatter was first elected in 1998. He just won an election for his fifth consecutive term on Friday, but with new developments in the corruption charges against FIFA, Blatter has decided to step down.

“I will call an extraordinary congress and a new president will be elected,” he said, though he didn’t give a date. A follow-up speaker clarified that it will take four months to call a special congress. Blatter will remain the president until such a congress is held.

You can read a full transcript of his comments here.

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