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Seen on the Twitter: The Library of Beatus Rhenanus

The stunning Renaissance Humanist library of Beatus Rhenanus in Selestat, Alsace. http://t.co/nDMt3K7JsD  

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Deny Yourself?

The call to Christian discipleship as heard from the mouth of Jesus that we deny ourselves and take up death to self (the cross is nothing less than that)  and follow him is as foreign to our culture and time … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

We should love our children and friends in such a way that we are always ready to depart from them.  –  Werdmüller

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The Vatican Responds to the Cover of Vanity Fair

Here, opining Members of the Synod on the Family scrambled to meet today to discuss what some bishops are calling “a game changer” after Bruce Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair revealing his new Caitlyn Jenner identity. The … Continue reading

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Bruce Jenner isn’t ‘Brave’

On every newscast today and every day since Jenner announced his ‘transition’ journalists have been calling him brave. Jenner? Brave? Nothing has cheapened the concept of true bravery as much as assigning it to every publicity seeking action by every … Continue reading

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Oh Christian Zionists… You Really Need to Recruit Some Smarter People

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Luther as T-Rex

This drawing is from volume 4 of the Weimar Edition of Luther’s German Bible.  I like it because Luther is portrayed with a giant head and tiny T-Rex like arms and hands. It’s funny.  I like it.  Luther as T-Rex…

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Gottes Wort ist ein feuriger Schild…

Luther’s ‘Table Talk’.

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Bruce Jenner… Gina Davis: Which is Which?

Go ahead, say they couldn’t be twins- And Gina isn’t even photoshopped.

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Quote of the Day

Nothing seems to me to be more foolish than to seek honor and praise, by wearing costly clothing. From such a point of view, the pope’s asses could be respected and highly honored; for if they are strong animals, they … Continue reading

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What is the Foundation Of Christian Ethics? Scripture

Richard Hays writes The canonical Scriptures constitute the norma normans for the church’s life, whereas every other source of moral guidance (whether church tradition, philosophical reasoning, scientific investigation, or claims about contemporary religious experience) must be understood as norma normata. … Continue reading

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The Episcopalians Are Devouring Themselves

The Episcopal Church (USA) has spent, and further committed (in its adopted budgets) to spend, a total of $42,675,466 on suing fellow Christians in the civil and ecclesiastical courts over the first eighteen years of this century. When one adds in … Continue reading

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Bruce Jenner- As Caitlyn… That’s a Lot of Photoshop Wizardry

Via. #SorryNotSorry but I feel badly for Bruce.  Very badly.  And exceedingly sad.

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Luther’s Lectures on Genesis

If you want to learn what Genesis is about, read Luther’s lectures.  They were commenced on 1 June, 1535. For the next several weeks his lectures proceeded on the basis of his preparatory notes and outlines, which he had worked … Continue reading

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There’s Something Both Cute and Annoying About First Year Theology Students…

Who have ‘come up with a new way to describe the Trinity’ because they actually haven’t read enough, nearly enough, hardly enough to know that their new idea is actually an old heresy long ago dealt with and dispatched. Their … Continue reading

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Offenbar Grundmauern von Martin Luthers Pfarrschule entdeckt

This is cool!  Give the report a read here.

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Call For Papers- Sixth Annual RefoRC Conference in Copenhagen

The Sixth Annual RefoRC Conference 2016 will be held May 26-28, 2016 and will hosted by the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Theology. The conference aims at a clarification and a discussion of the different concepts of church in the … Continue reading

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Blogger Posters and Essays: #SBL2015

I’ve managed to discover various posters and essays which bloggers you know and love will be presenting in Atlanta.  I think they’re really going to get people talking.  I am certainly looking forward to them.

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