Twitter Theology that Makes Me Sigh

Because the answer is so simple.  Which is, evidently, why Universalists can’t come up with it:  what does hell say about God?  It says he keeps his word and doesn’t force anyone to love him, or life.


People who don’t want to be in the presence of God?  For such miscreants heaven itself would be hell.   (Universalism is such a simple minded exercise in self righteousness).

1 thought on “Twitter Theology that Makes Me Sigh

  1. It says that God is indeed a God who is sovereign of all things, not some things, and that he is worthy of our trust. But what rejecting the notion of a real hell says about those rejecting it? That they have fashioned a “god” of their liking, who is a reactive God and not a controlling one, thus as failing and feeble as his creators.


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