Deep-end Dawkins

Joseph is one of my favorite agnostics because, unlike too many, he’s sensible and intellectual and balanced.

The New Oxonian

“Put the kids in the basement Mother, there’s one of them scientist fellers at the door.”

Religion as Child Abuse

Richard Dawkins

Short of saying, “The sun is shining today,” I’m not one to make scientific pronouncements.  I’m too afraid that a physicist who happens to be passing by will say, “Actually, no.  The sun may appear to be shining to you, but it does not shine. It gives off radiant energy in the form of heat and light. In fact using the formula (32 x 106) / (3.46 x 1016) = 9.25 x 10-10 where the area through which the sun’s radiation is pouring = 4 (pi) R2 = 3.46 x 1016 square miles only about  -90.3 dB, or one billionth of the sun’s radiation reaches the earth.  So ‘shining’ is not the word you want.”

Naturally you would not follow a correction…

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2 thoughts on “Deep-end Dawkins

  1. Jeff 25 May 2015 at 12:46 am

    At the time of Jesus death and resurrection, did Jews believe that it was common for man to rise from the dead?


    • Jim 25 May 2015 at 7:03 am

      i wasn’t a jew in the first century. what ‘jews’ believed surely must have varied from sect to sect and even person to person.


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