Another Oxyrhynchus papyrus from the Egypt Exploration Fund distributions sold to a private collector

Anything for a Shekel…

Roberta Mazza

Image of P.Oxy. XV 1596, from Wikipedia Image of P.Oxy. XV 1596, from Wikipedia

The Evangelical Textual Criticism blog reports that P. Oxy. XV 1596 (aka P 28, one of the earliest testimonies of the Gospel of John) has been sold by Berkeley Pacific School of Religion to Mr Gifford Combs, managing director of Dalton Investments and renowned manuscript collector (see the short profile note added by G. Schwendner in What’s New in Papyrology). It was the new owner who emailed the information to the Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing so that New Testament scholars would be aware of the new housing of the papyrus in his collection in Los Angeles.

Apparently the School decided to make some money (that is what the sanitized term “deaccession” means) not only from this papyrus, but also from the rest of its small collection, housed in the Bade Museum and including other seven Oxyrhynchus papyri (for a list click

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