Enough Of the Handwringing About ‘Young People Leaving the Church’

  1. It isn’t your Church, it’s Christ’s.  They aren’t leaving you, they’re leaving him.
  2. If they have sense, at some point in their lives they, like the prodigal son, will come to realize what they have left behind.
  3. If they don’t have sense, but instead stay away, don’t fret.  If they had been of us they would have remained with us.
  4. If you think you can entice them in with gimmicks, you’re wrong.  As soon as the gimmick is over, so will be their ‘commitment’.
  5. The Church is the body of Christ.  He can wash it and scrape off the unnecessary weight whenever he likes.
  6. If you think that changing the form is all the world wants of you, as soon as you do that, it will next demand that you change the substance as well.  And when you do that, you cease to be the Church and become instead the town’s latest social club.
  7. They may come to hear your ‘praise band’ at first, but when they discover that you are willing to go along with anything, they will demand that sermons and lessons be more in tune with the world’s ideas.  And as a consequence, you may gain a large number of members- but you won’t have half a dozen disciples.
  8. The Church doesn’t consist of members or attenders.  The Church consists of disciples.
  9. Jesus told his disciples to go into the world and make disciples, not Church members or music aficionados or admirers of the children’s Christmas play.
  10. So, quit wringing your hands, God is still Lord.  It’s time to stop behaving as though God were powerless.

4 thoughts on “Enough Of the Handwringing About ‘Young People Leaving the Church’


    Thank you for this Jim West. This straight talk was beneficial for my soul as an associate Pastor whose ministry is to young people. To be frank, I’m a Millennial and I’m already sick of all those books and article that elevate the importance of Millennials’ opinion and unbiblical methods of reaching them.


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