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3 Falsifications 6:66-69

66 “And lo, the lordess then said to her disciples: Thus you shall teach and admonish one and all to ‘be nice’ and most importantly teach what those other texts called Scripture condemn, as correct.  67 That is, you shall exalt your own mind and the thoughts of your age to the status of revealed truth.  In this way you will misinform many.  68 But be of good cheer- truth shall not matter to you but only the feelings of your own hearts.  Many shall seek for Sunday, but few will there be that find it.  And all the ‘disciples’ said amen.  69 Except Paul, for he did spit on the ground, mutter a curse, kick a stump, and wander off to preach the Gospel with Jesus beside him.”

It’s For a Good Cause: Tom Bolin Takes One For the Team

Old Women Aren’t Always Like a Precious Granny

“When I was a boy the story was once told about Satan’s inability to start a quarrel between a man and his wife who loved each other deeply. He achieved his purpose through an old woman, who placed a sharp knife under the pillow of each of them. Then she told each [about the knife under the other’s pillow]. The man found the knife [under his wife’s pillow] and killed his wife. Then Satan approached the old woman and held out a pair of shoes to her on a long stick. When she asked why he didn’t come closer Satan replied, ‘You’re worse than I am, for you’ve done to the man and his wife what I couldn’t do.’  — Martin Luther

Aww, How Sweet.  And They Tried To Tell Us There Was no ‘Slippery Slope’

But there is, and there was.  

The Green Party is “open” to the idea of three-person marriages, Natalie Bennett has said. 

Ms Bennett said she was “open to further conversation and consultation” about the prospect of the state recognising polyamorous relationships. 

She made the comments in conversation with PinkNews, the LGBT website. 

Dr Redfern Jon Barrett, asked: “At present those in a ‘trio’ (a three-way relationship) are denied marriage equality, and as a result face a considerable amount of legal discrimination.

Next up, beastiality and pederasty.  Because if ‘marriage’ is open to anyone, it’s open to everyone.

If Only There Were…


Congratulations, Eric Cline

Eric is receiving an Honorary Doctorate next month.

Dr. Eric H. Cline is professor of classics and anthropology, former chair of the department of classical and near eastern languages and civilizations, and current director of the Capitol Archaeological Institute at The George Washington University, in Washington D.C.

An active field archaeologist, he has excavated and surveyed in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, Greece, Crete and the United States virtually every summer since 1980, for a total of 30 field seasons. He is currently co-director of two excavations in Israel: Megiddo (biblical Armageddon) and Tel Kabri, which operate in alternate summers.

Recently under consideration for a Pulitzer Prize for his most recent book, “1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed” (2014), and a three-time winner of the Biblical Archaeology Society’s “Best Popular Book on Archaeology” award (2001, 2009 and 2011), Cline has authored, co-authored or edited a total of 16 books, which have been published by prestigious presses including Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge, Michigan and National Geographic. He has also authored or co-authored nearly 100 articles. His books have been translated, or are currently being translated, into 14 languages including French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Hungarian .

At GW, Cline is the first faculty member to win both the Trachtenberg Prize for Teaching Excellence and the Trachtenberg Prize for Faculty Scholarship. He has also won the Archaeological Institute of America’s Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award and been nominated three times for the CASE U.S. Professor of the Year.

Cline’s research has been featured and reviewed in numerous highly respected newspapers and magazines, the Associated Press, all of the major television networks and many cable networks. He has also appeared in more than 20 television programs and documentaries, ranging from ABC to the BBC and the National Geographic, History and Discovery Channels. He has been interviewed by syndicated national and international television and radio hosts.

They miss the most important aspect of Eric’s life: to wit, he has had the honor of meeting me in the flesh.  Congrats, Eric.  Well deserved, man.

Quote of the Day

Via our Saxon friends in Anhalt-


Newly Discovered Portraits of Melanchthon and Luther

This is right cool

Luther_foto_a_wagenknechtBei der Innensanierung der Evangelischen Johanneskirche in Erbach sind zwei lebensgroße Porträts zweier Reformatoren aus dem Jahr 1897 entdeckt worden: Der junge Luther mit der Bibel und Melanchthon mit der Confessio Augustana.

Beide Bilder werden restauratorisch erhalten. Architekt Hermann Alt schätzt, dass die Restaurierung pro Bild etwa zwei Monate dauern wird.

melanchton_foto_a_wagenknechtUnter der weißen Farbe im Kircheninnenraum wurden bei den Sanierungsarbeiten darüber hinaus aufwendige Wandausmalungen entdeckt. Optisch wird die Kirche nun wieder in den Zustand von 1906 zurückversetzt – das hat die Mehrheit der Triangelis-Gemeindeglieder entschieden. Wer die Baustelle im Innern des Gotteshauses derzeit betritt, bekommt bereits eine Ahnung davon, wie es einst ausgesehen hat, denn die Restauratoren haben eine sogenannte Musterachse angefertigt: prächtige Teppichmalereien an den Wänden, Verzierungen an den Säulen sowie goldene Sterne auf hellgrünem Untergrund an der Kirchendecke.

The Masses are Asking…

“Where can I get a Little Luther”?  Here.

“An important and groundbreaking book”

That’s how Athalya Brenner-Idan describes this new volume from Sheffield-Phoenix:

Establishing a connection to the past while at the same time releasing us into the present is crucial to recalling a traumatic past. Tapping into the Book of Chronicles’ genealogies as a memory space, Trauma Begets Genealogy facilitates the transformation of the act of looking back into a key for the present. Using a gender studies perspective, it combines a nuanced analysis of the gendered references in 1 Chronicles 1–9 with an interdisciplinary approach that conceptualizes genealogies as memory performances and investigates them in diverse media.

The genealogies of Chronicles are here read by Ingeborg Löwisch alongside the post-Holocaust documentary My Life Part 2, in which Berlin film-maker Angelika Levi performs her ‘gynealogy’ at the intersection of her family archive and of discourses that belong to public memory. While Löwisch’s close reading of the gendered fragments in Chronicles attest to fissures in the patrilinear succession, the parallel perception of the film deepens our understanding of gendered genealogies in response to trauma by contributing a full female lineage.

The resulting reassessment of an obscure set of biblical texts leads into the heart of the genealogical tissue and its fascinating ability to respond to a fractured past.

This is the eighth volume of the Amsterdam Studies in the Bible and Religion (ed. Athalya Brenner), a sub-series of the Bible in the Modern World and of Hebrew Bible Monographs.

The Church of England Wants its Vicars to be Comedians, Not Prophetic Voices

Priests and lay preachers are being offered coaching in everything from overcoming nerves to comic improvisation techniques as part of an effort to help the church cast off its po-faced image and entice people back to services.

Bentley Browning, a stand-up comic who regularly impersonates David Cameron, has been invited to run sessions for clergy at a clerical gathering in London next month.

Clergy are to be put through their paces and offered the chance to perform to their peers on stage at the ExCeL conference centre in east London at the Christian Resources Exhibition, a massive annual trade-fair for all things ecclesiastical.

Well…  I suppose that the C of E has learned well from televangelists, the emergent heretics, and the seeker-sensitive deceivers the lesson of pandering:  Give ’em what they want, not want they need.

Bild und Bibel – #ICYMI

A daily delight from the German Bible Society can be accessed here.

„Bild und Bibel“ heißt in der laufenden Reformationsdekade das Themenjahr 2015, das bereits am Reformationstag 2014 beginnt. Dementsprechend präsentiert Ihnen die Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft ab dem 31. Oktober 2014 in einem einzigartigen Online-Angebot 365 Bilder der Kunstgeschichte mit den dazugehörigen Bibeltexten.

A New Edition of Luther’s Bible

Good stuff here.  And just in time for the “All Luther all the time even though Zwingli is better” year upcoming.  Among the things described-

Luthers ursprüngliche Übersetzung überzeugte die Kommission oft mehr als deren spätere Überarbeitungen. Mit Wissen des Rates der EKD kehrt seitdem an vielen Stellen der alte Reformator zurück. Statt „einigen“ ist wieder von „etlichen“ die Rede. Statt der gängigen Konjunktion „dass“ kommt wieder Luthers markantes „auf dass“ zum Zuge. Und auch der Konjunktiv erlebt wieder eine Konjunktur: Bisher hieß es im Johannesevangelium 11,25: „Wer an mich glaubt, der wird leben, auch wenn er stirbt.“ Nun wird der Vers mit einem „ob er gleich stürbe“ enden.

And this

Ein Professor, der nicht mehr an dem Projekt beteiligt ist, kann sich mit dem Einzug der „Brüder und Schwestern“ in der Lutherbibel nur schwer anfreunden. Er spricht von „windigen Argumenten“ und einem „starken Eingriff“ sowohl in den Urtext wie in Luthers Übersetzung. Insgesamt allerdings, das gesteht er zu, seien die gefundenen Lösungen bei den gender-relevanten Bibelstellen „tragbar“ und stünden keinesfalls mit der „Bibel in gerechter Sprache“ auf einer Stufe.

Welcome to #Maeday2015 (NOT #Maedae2015)

Today we celebrate the life and work of Mae Gilliland, for whom, obviously, Mae Day is named.   Below, you’ll see a series of memes which, I think, capture her soul.  You’ll also find posts on other biblioblogs using the #Maeday2015.*

*The Carnival, which you may have expected to find posting at this time in this place, is no more. Biblioblogdom is no more. Certainly there are individual bibliobloggers and there will, heaven willing, always be some. But the fraternity of bloggers (fraternity used generically and not in terms of sexual identity) has dissolved. The once exultant community of bible scholars who blogged has both expanded so exponentially that there is no longer any sensible way to keep up with them all, and at the same time the very extent of biblioblogging has brought about its communal fragmentation. Few keep up with others and even if you want to – you can’t watch them all. Biblioblogdom, as a community, had a good run from its early days till a couple of years ago. But now it has been crushed and dispersed under its own weight.  Farewell, biblioblogdom.  Long live biblioblogging.  Selah